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LumenSoft Technologies is an Information Technology consulting company. Founded in 2000 by a group of LUMS students, LumenSoft is now a growing team of 40 plus employees. It has footprints in 100 cities of Pakistan and 12 countries worldwide, as well as a fast growing partner network that’s expanding not just in many cities of Pakistan but also in other countries around the world. We believe in quality of our products and security of our customers’ data and thus follow measures that are in compliance with the universal standards. LumenSoft is both ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified.Read More


LumenSoft Welcomes Poshak Mehal
Mr. Abdul Ghaffar (Director, Poshak Mehal Chain, Canada) and Syed Fahim Yousuf (GM Marketing, LumenSoft) during contract Signing for Candela Enterprise

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Apparel & fabrics

Candela retail solution for apparel caters to the specific needs of the apparel/garment industry and fashion boutiques. Its special features help you…

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Candela effectively caters to the unique requirements of footwear retailers. Candela effectively meets the challenges like management of fast changing fashion …

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Grocery businesses require handling large and varied product mix. Candela retail software for groceries improves speed leading to efficient checkouts, and…

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Books & Stationery

Candela is an excellent solution for management of books & stationery retail business. Books & Stationery retailers have to keep large number of books…

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Candela is an excellent solution for management of Restaurant retail business. It manages customer orders dining tables and KOTs (Kitchen order tickets)…

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Candela pharmacy software helps pharmacies of all sizes to streamline all their retail operations. Pharmacy retailers have to keep large number of pharmacy items…

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Candela has enabled us to make judiciouis, real-time decisions by enabling tracking and info audit of critical stock flows. As a result, our audit and control mechanisms have improved resulting in real savings to us.

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Did you Know

5 Ways to Secure Your POS against ….

Candela has a robust security module that helps
you control …

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Ask Our Techie

Default checkbox on Size and Color …..

I have been using Candela point of sale for quite
a while …

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It's New

New Features in Candela (Release 12029)….

New Features in Candela (Release 12029)   NEW Physical Audit …

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