9 Signs You Work at LumenSoft



1. It is Sunday. You wake up late, get ready and if by reflex action, grab a writing pad and sit down to jot down something. Then someone has to remind you that it is Sunday and you are sitting in your dining room. And you realize how deeply ingrained is the habit of daily stand-up meetings with the CEO.

2. When someone mentions Friday, you think of Egg fried rice, the Friday special from the LumenSoft’s Kitchen.

3. You go to a Chinese restaurant and order: ‘Efrey Defrey.’ Because this is what egg fried rice is called at LumenSoft.

4. 4. You long for office on gazetted holidays. Because the company provides free lunch of your choice on official holidays. No, lunch is not delivered to your home. You have to be at the office, and work.

You are slowly, imperceptibly, changing into a tennis player. Because Lunch hours at LumenSoft are all about table tennis matches.

6. On Eids and New-year, you can say to your family and friends, “I am so important, the company sends me a greeting card.” Of course, you don’t tell them that the company sends a greeting card to every employee.

7. You keep your fingers crossed and wait for June. This is when LumenSoft declares its yearly profits and, based on your performance, you will get a percentage of the profit.

8. You have turned into a nature lover. Company-sponsored two trips every year to natural resorts have done their work.

9. You have started having delusions that a halo of light surrounds you. After all, you are alumen.

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