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Candela is an excellent solution for management of garments/apparel retail business. Apparel retailers have to manage continuously changing fashions and designs. Management of assortments is a big challenge for apparel retailers. As the number of designs or products increases, the inventory management becomes more critical and complex. Cut-sizes should be quickly replenished to avoid customer dissatisfaction and inventory stock-out cost. Customer invoicing should be done efficiently to keep them happy and satisfied. Trend reports should be analyzed to know which products / category is doing better than the other. Customer loyalty club may be created to keep customers coming back again and again.

Candela has proven track record of helping Apparel retailers in their growth and increased profitability. Candela is working at single location apparel stores and also multi-location apparel chain stores.

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Some key benefits which Apparel retail business get by using Candela are listed below:

  • You can plan all your operations including purchasing, discounting, inventory optimization, new design selection in respective categories
  • You are provided with tools to analyze your sales from different aspects and get detailed insight in top selling designs
  • You get full control over your retail operations and provide service to customers which keep them coming back again and again
  • Extremely easy-to-learn and easy-to-use retail solution where point of sale and inventory management is fully integrated.
  • You can customize the point of sale to best fit your specific requirements and business need through simple user interface
  • You can handle inventories in matrix format (design and size matrix) which is essential for an apparel retail business
  • Candela helps you to make your business more profitable through reduced inventories, minimizing shrinkages and controlled expenses


I have been nothing but pleased and excited with your services! In the past four years you have exceeded every expectation I had. I have nothing but praise for your technical & support staff. Not only are they extremely friendly, they are very knowledgeable and have always done everything they could to help us.

Shehzad Elahi, Chief Executive, Mushroom Kingdom

“… I have never been a technology person but I knew enough to see that there existed tremendous room for growth by implementing a retail software solution. We were pleased to see that Lumensoft had a ready to implement product that needed barely any modification to run on our business. A few months after implementation I can get a current bird’s eye view of my business and can alter direction to focus on items that are selling well. I would definitely recommend Lumensoft to any retailer….

Maria.B. (Founder and owner) See Maria.B. Case Study

Ego wishes to convey its gratitude to LumenSoft for facilitating its business with the advent of Candela (Software) into the system.

The system which is designed keeping in mind the local business structure is not only like tailor made software but also has proven to provide us with unthinkable ability to analyze and evaluate data.

LumenSoft has been a great partner in our business. Their support in the installation of the system and its maintenance and upkeep, has been a great source of comfort for us.

The team at LumenSoft needs to be applauded for designing and creating excellent software and more than that for having an amazing team to help setup and provide backup to their clients and customers.

We for one wish to acknowledge the organization and its management for “Excellence in Service” and wish them the very best for the future.

Tanvir Abdulla, EGO

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