Sample Management in Candela

Sample Management in Candela Pharmacy retailers frequently receive free prescription drug samples. If you are a pharmacy retailer, one of the things you might want to learn is this: how to manage these samples. Candela handles sample management by allowing you to work...

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5 Ways to Secure Your POS against Theft in Candela

5 Ways to Secure Your POS against Theft in Candela   Candela has a robust security module that helps you control user rights on every screen. There are also many other checks that you can apply to keep tabs on your inventory and sales, and eliminate chances of...

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Default checkbox on Size and Color grid in Candela

Dear Techie, I have been using Candela point of sale for quite a while now- in fact last month completed my five years as Candela Point of Sale user. There is one thing that I haven’t understood. It’s minor and it’s not an impediment either. But it bothers me because...

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