How to Load School Syllabus in One Go

Dear Techie, I have a book shop and Candela has made it easier to handle various book titles. But I also sell school syllabuses and when new school sessions start, the work load increases. At times, it is a complete mess. My sales persons have to make the same invoice...

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Managing Packs and Units in Pharmacy

Dear Techie, First, I want you to know Candela has made my pharmacy business hassle free. I appreciate all the good work you constantly put in to make Candela the software for Retail. As you know, in pharmacy business we sell in pack and, sometimes, also in units. Is...

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Retail Therapy: 4 Reasons why it Works

  A childhood memory that lingers is that of colorful plastic crockery and other items that lined our kitchen and dining room shelves. My mother used to buy tones of them every now and then, we kids used to joke that one day we would have our own crockery store...

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Quick Way to find out Your Hot Selling Item

Dear Techie, I am a ladies apparel retailer. My spring stock is doing really well with some of the items selling like cold drinks on a hot day. Is there a quick way to find out which design was the number one selling item during March? Happy retailer.   Dear Happy...

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