Business Intelligence Solution

To make better decisions faster, business executives and managers need relevant and useful facts at their fingertips. Usually there is often a large gap between the information that decision makers require and the mountains of data that businesses collect every day through purchases, stock movements, and point of sale operations. This is called “analysis gap”. Candela BI bridges this gap and enables the management to get desired information for decision support.


  • DashBoardGain insights into past business performance
  • Drive your business planning based on analytics
  • Spend less time looking for answers and more time making strategic decisions.
  • Complete picture of all the business activity, enabling management teams to pro-actively react to it.
  1. Transfer of complete data to data warehousing system through ETL
  2. Scheduling of regular transfer of data from Candela to Candela BI on daily basis
  3. Fast availability of data “at the speed of thought”. Great time saving in information retrieval and analysis
  4. Graphical Dash board with Top Retail Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
  5. QuarterlySalesPerformanceDash Board KPIs can be generated for complete business or any selected shop, or any selected department
  6. Drill down of every KPI along different dimensions (time, departments, shops)
  7. Availability of Dash Board on Web Browser. You have access to BI dash board and reports from anywhere through the Internet
  8. Analysis reports for Sales, Purchase, and Inventory
  9. S-03Drill down of reports is available. Data is available in the form of graphs and data tables
  10. Access to the Dash Board and all available reports is available to authorized users
  11. Restriction for users against KPI and reports. Administrator can assign selected KPIs and reports to users
  12. Facility to connect Data Cube to Excel Pivots. This enables you to create your own reports through drag and drop
  13. Many top retail KPIs are available in the Excel Pivots also. You can use these KPIs in different reports by using drag and drop


Few Candela BI Customers

  • Servaid Pharmacy
  • ENEM Stores
  • Fazal Din Pharma Plus
  • Cougar
  • Riaz-ud-Din
  • Sage Leather
  • UrbanSole


Candela customers
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