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logo Candela MCandela M meets production requirements of the Apparel industry. It allows tracking of the entire production process from buying of raw material to the delivery of finished goods. The finished goods, upon completion, are pushed in the warehouse of Candela RMS.

This solution is integrated with Candela RMS software. This means, after integrating this solution with Candela RMS, the manufacturing process gets integrated with retail operations.

Before Start of the Manufacturing process there are some system configurations, entry of look up items, and necessary templates. These are summarized in the form of a flow chart:

Candela M Configurations Flow Chart

Manufacturing process starts with the entry of Designs (finished goods) in Candela. Then for each of the Design we prepare a Cost Sheet. If there are more than one colors of a particular design then Cost Sheet is prepared separately for every color. This Cost Sheet has details of all the materials required along with their quantities. Also, the Cost Sheet list downs the operations which need to be performed to complete that design along with their cost. Therefore, once complete, the Cost Sheet gives complete per unit cost for the product.

work order

Next step is the issuance of the Work Order. The Work Order is prepared to mention the total quantity which is to be produced. For every Design (finished product) we need to issue a separate Work Order. However, one work order can have multiple colors of the same products. Once the Work Order entry is complete it gives information about required production quantities for different sizes and colors of the given product. Also it gives information about the total product cost against the work order in terms of material and operation cost.

Work Order also captures the information about the Sequence of Operations which need to be performed on a particular design. For this purpose Departments are mapped and their sequence is entered. The product flow within the system is then based on this sequence.

The production process starts with the Issuance of Raw Materials against the work order. Once the material is issues against a Work Order, the work order is assumed to be in the first department. When the work is finished on the product in one department, a Goods Transfer Note (GTN) is created to move the work to the next department in sequence.

During the movement of products between departments, there may be Wastage which is recorded along with the reason for wastage. The total number of pieces is reduced by the number of pieces wasted.

From the last department (according to work order sequence), the finished product is then moved to the selected warehouse. A Goods Receipt Note (GRN) is automatically created in Candela and stock is increased.

There is option to define different operators against each department. These operators are the people who work on Piece-Rate basis and have to be paid according to the work they have done. Payment sheet is prepared for these operators according to the work which they have done in a department (e.g. stitching) against a Work Order.

The above work flow of the entire process is shown in the form of a flow chart:

Candela M Work Flow

Different reports are provided to monitor the Work Order status and production process.
material cost

Candela M Highlights

  • Management of Raw Materials Store
  • Preparation of Cost Sheet for Product Designs (Material & Operation Cost)
  • Preparation of Work Orders
  • Department based operation or Single Operator Mode for Goods Transfer
  • Issuance of Raw Materials against work orders
  • Return of Raw Materials against Work Orders
  • Partial issuance or complete issuance of materials against Work Orders
  • Creation of Operators for different departments
  • Movement of goods from One department to the next
  • One-Step or Two-Step movement of products between departments
  • Movement of goods from final department to Warehouse
  • Auto Creation of GRN in Candela when production process is complete
  • Piece-rate workers definition in the system
  • Creation of payments for piece-rate workers against work orders
  • Templates for Assembly Line department sequence
  • Templates for Operations performed on product with suggested cost
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