Nimbus RMS is a cloud hosted retail management system (RMS) which has all the powerful features of Candela RMS. It’s built on Microsoft Azure Cloud and this makes it platform independent. With Candela Cloud you can access your POS from anywhere and from any device, with only an internet connection.

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Everything you wanted to know about Candela Cloud is answered by our Techies

Tell me what exactly do you mean by Candela Cloud?

Well! Simply put, it is like using your webmail account. You use your login and password to access Candela. And just like any webmail account, as long as you have the internet you will be able to access it from any device be it your mobile, tablet or a laptop.


Wow! Does this also mean I can access my Candela from anywhere in the world, check reports and do business?

Candela Techie: Absolutely. Anywhere on this planet. As for the other planets, we are working on it.


Ah, it seems I will not need any hardware. Not even a server. And I don’t have to worry about my computer crashing, or even electricity failure.

Candela Techie: It not just seems. It is how things actually are. NO server, NO system whatsoever is required. NO worries about electricity or hard disc failure. Everything is on the cloud. And it’s secure.


Great, zero ownership costs. Now I can start my business with just a laptop and an internet connection! And how do I take data backup?

Candela Techie: Do you ever take back-up of your email? No. And all your mail data continues to exist in your webmail account till you delete it. Same is the case with Candela Cloud.


What if I want to use my printer, scanner and other point of sales devices while selling things on Candela Cloud?

No problem. With Candela cloud you can set up your retail outlet anywhere in the world. Just connect all your devices to the laptop or the desk top you are using.


Sounds great. This means I will have a mobile POS set up. Now tell me how do I buy it?

You will pay a monthly subscription to LumenSoft in return for a user login, and Candela Cloud will become yours.





This means I will not get any Candela Box, I love the Candela box.

Don’t worry. You can have the box as a keepsake. Now smile and get ready for retail on the go.

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