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Candela Features & Capabilities FAQs
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Candela Features & Capabilities FAQs

Q: I have a retail chain with three stores and operations are centrally managed. I have plans to grow the business and add more stores to the current chain. Can I use LumenSoft Candela Retail Management System to manage stores and head office?

A: Yes. LumenSoft Candela RMS provides all the capabilities retailers need to manage their business at both the head office and individual store. Retail solution is sold as two modules – LumenSoft Candela Retail Management System Back Office and LumenSoft Candela Retail Management System Shop Module.
LumenSoft Candela Retail Management System Store Module delivers a complete retail solution that can be run as a stand-alone application in individual stores, also the stores can be operated by connecting to the head office using LumenSoft Candela RMS Back Office. LumenSoft Candela Retail Management System Back Office enables chains stores or multi-store businesses to roll up and manage data for all stores from the head office.

If you have three stores and a head office, you would need three licenses for Store Module (each store with its own database) and one license for Back Office at the head office.

Q: Is LumenSoft Candela Retail Chain Management System scalable? Can it effectively serve my growing retail chain of 30+ stores?

A: Yes. LumenSoft Candela Retail Management System can meet the requirements of chain store retailers who need to manage critical business information across all chain stores in different geographical areas. The solutions allow to manage point of sales (POS), all supply chain functions including stock optimization across different stores, and financial management. The solution is quite flexible and can expand to accommodate unlimited amounts of information. LumenSoft Candela Retail Management System provides required functionality for managing operations and reporting at the store level and at the head office. The solution is designed to give you a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) as is suitable for growing and evolving business requirements.

Q: I only have one retail store. I'd like to use a computer and software, but don't know if LumenSoft Candela Retail Management System is a good fit?

A: For a single store LumenSoft Candela RMS Personal Edition is an ideal solution. It is designed for single-store retailer or retailers with a group of independently operated stores. If you operate one store but are planning to expand business operations into multiple stores in future, then LumenSoft Candela can easily be upgraded to the Enterprise version.

Q: I currently use a cash register to track my sales and store cash. Does LumenSoft Candela Retail Management System work with my cash register, or do I need to replace it?

A: LumenSoft Candela Retail Management System does not work on traditional cash registers. The application is installed on a computer with Windows operating system. POS peripherals are attached via the available ports of the computer. Cashiers record the sales and make invoices with LumenSoft Candela RMS as though they were using an electronic cash register, but the total solution helps automate the full range of retail operations, including transaction processing, inventory management, reporting, purchase order issuance (PO) and goods receiving (GRN), loyalty club management, discounts management, payable management, and receivables management.

Q: Other than the software, what other equipment will I need to purchase?

A: Minimum requirements include a PC with Pentium lll 1.2 GHz (Pentium IV or faster processor is recommended) as well as a standard keyboard, mouse, monitor, and CD-ROM drive. Most POS registers using LumenSoft Candela Retail Management System also have a receipt printer, a scanner to read barcodes, a cash drawer to store cash, and a pole display to let the customers view and verify the item prices and transaction total.

Q: Can I transfer the reports of LumenSoft Candela RMS to spread sheets like Excel and word processor? Can I integrate to accounting systems?

A: Yes. You can share LumenSoft Candela Retail Management System information with Microsoft Office Word and Microsoft Office Excel. For example, you can export purchase orders into Office Excel or Office Word for required customization and changes. You can also export working reports into Office Excel for further data analysis, or use Office Word to do a mail merge of customer information stored in your LumenSoft Candela RMS database for targeted marketing efforts. LumenSoft Candela Retail Management System integrates with LumenSoft GL (general ledger) to provide retailers with an end-to-end solution for managing a multi-store network.

Q: Can I buy and install LumenSoft Candela Retail Management System myself?

A: You can purchase LumenSoft Candela Retail Management System from the Company office and install it yourself. You will be provided required documentation for this purpose. For this purpose you can also download the Free retail management software for trail run and evaluation purposes. The trail version contains all features of regular version.
However, if you engage LumenSoft or one of its partners then trained personnel can help you evaluate your business requirements, sell you the system, install it, and provide training and support. This will ensure that your system meets your business needs and that you maximize the return on your technology investment.

Q: How is the software licensed?

A: LumenSoft Candela Retail Management System Store Module is licensed by POS registers. If you run single store then these are the only licenses that you will require. For Example, if you have four computers in a store, you will be required to purchase one license for “Candela Personal” and three licenses for “Terminals/POS”.
If you are connecting multiple stores together, you would then additionally need a license for LumenSoft Candela Back Office Module. This is one time cost. The Back Office Module is used to enter items, item prices, sale discounts, purchase orders, view inventory, run reports etc.

Q: How much will it cost, in addition to the license cost, to install and train me on LumenSoft Candela Retail Management System?

A: Installation, deployment, and training costs vary from customer to customer. If depends on the type of business, current state of business, the skill level of the people to be trained, the SKU count, availability of information etc.

Q: What are the support and maintenance options available with LumenSoft Candela Retail Management System?

A: LumenSoft Candela Retail Management System helps minimize support and maintenance costs with a Annual Maintenance Option. This includes free technical support calls, free updates for feature product releases, and rich online resources. There are different service level agreements (SLA) available according the requirement of different business. The appropriate SLA is suggested by LumenSoft according to requirements of the customer.

Q: What types of reports are available in Retail Management System?

A: LumenSoft Candela Retail Management System offers customizable reports which give users insight into their purchase, sales, customers, inventories, movement, audit, member sales, and many more. Reports can be filtered, grouped, and sorted by different fields. Also, columns can be hidden or displayed based on different view options. Reports can be exported to Office Excel.

Q: Can the system automatically create purchase orders?

A: Yes. LumenSoft Candela Retail Management System can automatically create purchase orders at a user’s request based on reorder information. You can also build purchase orders for specific items related to a group or categories.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of items, suppliers, customers, and other data that I can enter in the system?

A: LumenSoft Candela Retail Management System does not impose any limits on the number of items, and other data entries. Provided there is enough hard disk space on the server, system can support an unlimited number of data entries.

Q: Is LumenSoft Candela RMS secure? What security features does it offer?

A: LumenSoft Candela Retail Management System offers flexible security which can be managed for different types of users of the system. Users have the ability to grant or deny access to any given menu option, window or button within the applications. System allows you to customize the security settings of your store as per your requirements. You have complete control over who has access to each kind of information. Also LumenSoft Candela keeps track of all the user actions and keeps those in the database for any future reference. For example, You can always check who made a particular invoice and also at what time.

Q: How does LumenSoft Candela Retail Management System help simplify inventory tracking? Does it help in inventory optimization?

A: LumenSoft Candela Retail Management System helps in definition and categorization of inventory items. Three different reorder levels can be defined for all inventory items. In case of multi-store version the reorder levels for the inventory items can be different for different stores. The inventory movement from warehouses and stores is carried out through head office orders. Complete movement history of inventory items is maintained and can be viewed through movement reports. Stock counting is made very easy and efficient using manual methods and barcode scanners.

Candela helps you distribute the inventories amongst different stores. This distribution can be automated based on the required reorder levels and priority of the shops. This distribution is gradual and incremental so that inventories are distributed to the right stores, in the right quantities and at the right time. This results in improvement of sales to stock ratio and thus reduces the investment in stocks.

Q: Will the customers also experience a positive change at the POS?

A: Yes. Your customers will be impressed with the efficient service and quick invoicing through LumenSoft Candela Retail Management System. Specially when different promotions and discounts are being offered then quick and accurate invoicing is only possible by Candela Retail Management System. By providing all of your employees with standardized POS tools that offer immediate access to detailed product information, you give your customers consistent and personalized service.

Q: I want to improve my store's marketing campaigns. Can LumenSoft Candela Retail Management System help?

A: Yes LumenSoft Candela can help you in many ways. You can use LumenSoft Candela RMS to create special promotions such as “Buy three, get one free”. Discounts can be offered on selected inventory items and on selected shops. You can also schedule store sales in advance for entire departments, categories, or supplier catalogs for a specified date range. Also discounts can be set for a specific time (between 3PM to 5PM) and also for specific days (on Tuesday and Saturday).

Discounts can also be offered to loyalty club members. These members can be divided into different categories with different discount offerings. The loyalty club member sales data can be analyzed to track member buying preferences. The system can be used to generate letters to loyalty club members.

Q: I want to manage footwear retail store. Can LumenSoft Candela Retail Management System manage sizes, colors? Can it be tailored to suit footwear retailing needs?

A: LumenSoft Candela RMS is an ideal solution for managing the sales of footwear and apparel. One of its configurations is called Assortment Configuration. This configuration is specially designed to manage retail of footwear and apparel. This configuration gives information to the user in a matrix or spread sheet like format. Reports are available and information can be entered in these formats. This configuration also helps the users to easily manage the cut sizes and replenish the inventory easily.

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