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Easy setup and flexible system configuration

LumenSoft Candela retail management system is very easy to install, operate and carry out business analysis. There are different configuration options which can be set to adapt the software to different business requirements.

  • LumenSoft Candela RMS Store Operations installs and sets up easily. System users can learn point-of-sale (POS) functions in quickly and easily
  • Configure POS screen functions to suit your business needs.
  • Customize receipts and select and price barcode labels from given templates.
  • Setup the product code as per business requirements. Select the number of digits, numeric or non numeric, assortments or standard configuration
  • User-defined fields for product information – for example product category, calendar season, product group, product packaging type.
  • Add protection for every menu item and user input button (view, save, update, delete, print, export) based on easy to configure security available.

Flexible Products and Product Code Definition


LumenSoft Candela RMS provides options to define products and their attributes based on user preferences. A large number of user defined attributes can be assigned to products. Attributes can be hierarchical and linear. These product attributes are used to get reports for sales, order point, audit, and stocks.

  • Flexible SKU definition is available in Candela RMS. User defined attributes can be attached to product codes
  • Flexible Code Length – 3 to 15 Characters
  • Product Code can be Numeric or Alpha-numeric
  • Same style code with different sizes and colors (assortment version)
  • Product prices can be different for different colors and Sizes (assortment configuration)
  • Product pictures can be attached and are available while making invoices

Complete Bar Code Enabled Software

LumenSoft Candela RMS uses a barcode reader to record purchases, enter sales and movement of products. However manual entry is also possible. This ensures the integrity
of data and reduces the chances of manual errors.

  • Facility of bar code generation from system. Barcodes can be generated for entered GRN
  • Bar code style can be selected from the available templates
  • Sales and returns through bar codes
  • Physical audits through bar codes
  • Stock dispatches and receipts through bar codes
  • Support of Hand Held Scanners (data collectors) through out system

Invoice Generation and Point of Sale

Candela has an integrated point of sale terminal which facilitates all the operations to be performed by sales staff at retail outlets. Point of sales is very easy to use and can be operated by salesmen who may not be very

  • Candela generates invoices for sales to customers. Shop staff can be restricted to change and view only limited number of previous sales invoices
  • The system handles the customer sales and returns using same screen
  • Multiple point of sales terminals can be used at any retail outlet
  • During clearance sales, the discounts are calculated by the system and invoice is generated accordingly

Daily Accounts Closing and Cash Reconciliation

Candela allows to install more than one POS terminal at shops. Cash reconciliation is done daily at close of business transactions. Candela helps to reconcile cash for the entire shop and also for each of the terminals.

  • Cash reconciliation checks cash sales, daily expenses, customer receipts, and vendor payments
  • Daily reconciliation report is generated by the system
  • System generates reconciliation for each point of sales (POS) installed. Also system keeps record of different shifts separately
  • After accounts closing, shop staff cannot change the accounting entries

Product Pricing and Discount Management

Candela provides a powerful discount management module to manage promotions and product discounts. These discounts are automatically applied while making invoices.

  • Discounts can be applied to selected or all products
  • Discounts can be percentage discounts, flat discounts, fixed price discounts, invoice value discounts, quantity discounts
  • Discounts are applied only during a given date range. These discounts can be feeded into the system well in advance
  • Discounts can also be configured for certain days of the week. For example, Tuesday and Thursday. On other days discounts will not be applied. Discounts can also be configured for certain clock time. For example, from 3PM to 5PM. Discounts will be applied only for these two hours

Inventory and Purchase Management

In any retail business the key to success is to maintain a sales-to-stock ratio as high as possible. This means that we should be able to generate maximum sales with minimum stock. Inventory management enables the business to obtain a high service level with minimum stock-out (missed sales) cost.

  • Three re-order levels can be defined for every SKU. This helps in managing the minimum stock level, optimal level, and maximum stock level
  • Re-order level for every stock item (SKU) can be defined
  • Analysis of slow moving and fast moving products can be easily done
  • Order point analysis can be done to check stock items above maximum levels and below minimum levels
  • Automated adjustment of Re-order levels based on sales history
  • Important inventory analysis like inventory turns, sales to stock ratio, return on inventory investment (ROII)
  • Data presentation and entry in matrix format (assortment configuration) for entry of production, purchase order, goods receipt note (GRN), purchase return, inventory reorder levels and inventory reports
  • Automatically calculate inventory replenishment based on reorder point/restock level or quantity sold
  • Define master pack quantity for ordering
  • Change item retail prices during purchase (configuration dependent)
  • Manage the cost price of inventory items as weighted average. Facility is available to bypass weighted cost price and manage cost price as per requirements

Customer Loyalty Program – Member Club

LumenSoft Candela RMS enables the user to manage member club. It allows the user to print bar-code enabled membership cards. Complete track of member purchases and buying pattern is maintained. Member communication is facilitated through system generated labels and letters.

  • Ability to generate loyalty cards
  • Make promotion schemes and setting up of different discounts for members
  • Communicate with members and send information through letters
  • Analyze member sales and design member based promotions

Supplier Management and payable tracking

The system has an integrated supplier module. This enables the users to manage the suppliers and their accounts and balance receivable against the issued POs.

  • Maintain supplier ledgers and have complete history of transactions
  • Generate Purchase Orders from System
  • Create GRN (goods receipt notes) against the issued PO
  • Tracking of balance receivable goods against POs
  • Analyze GRN with respect to cost value and billing value
  • Handle sales tax and discounts while making GRN
  • Printing of Product pictures on Purchase Orders (optional)

Physical Audits and Stock Takes

LumenSoft Candela RMS stores the result of physical inventory checks, and reports any
discrepancies. It is possible to perform inventory check manually and enter the results or to carry out this action through bar code reader. Complete history of stock takes is maintained.

  • Candela allows to carryout physical audit of every “Rack” or “Cabinet” separately
  • Candela makes it very easy to feed the physical audit data
  • It is not mandatory to freeze the operations, until physical audit is finalized and approved
  • The system allows the users to reverse the implementation of physical audits
  • Hand held scanner (data collector) can be used for physical audits
  • Physical audits can be carried out during the day along with sales and returns

Pilferage Control at Retail Outlets and Warehouses

If the owner of a business is not always sitting at a retail outlet, pilferage control
becomes a challenge. Candela enables the management to track the movement of goods at different retail outlets. Reconciliation between head office and retail outlets is done by the system and differences, if any, are tracked within seconds.

  • Product audit to check the entire movement of stocks
  • Re-conciliation capability to compare the head office and retail outlet data
  • Daily movement and in-transit stocks tracking
  • Analysis of wastage trends over a period of time

User Access Security Management

LumenSoft Candela retail management system is secure and only authorized users can operate the system. There is a user access management system which allows access to the users to only those areas for which permission is granted to them. For example, a salesman may not be given the rights to inventory management section.

Also, all the actions being performed by a user are logged and record is kept for any future use.

  • The administrator of the system can define system users. Only these users can use the software
  • The administrator can make different user groups and assign different privileges to those groups. All users who are made part of a group will have the privileges associated with that user group
  • The system has a logging mechanism. All the actions performed by the user, and can be viewed and analyzed when required

Comprehensive Reports for Business Analysis

Candela provides a variety of reports to analyze sales, stocks, inventory movement etc. For all the reports a flexible criteria can be given by the user. Reports can be exported to excel or comma separated files for further analysis. Reports are divided into the following categories:

  • Sales Reports Stocks Reports
  • Audit Reports
  • Movement Reports
  • Purchase Reports
  • Product Reports
  • Accounts Reports
  • Member Reports
  • Miscellaneous Reports

Integration with accounting software – LumenSoft LightWave

LumenSoft Candela RMS manages the basic accounts in the system. This includes customer ledgers, supplier ledgers, daily expenses at outlets, cash management at the outlets. However financial reporting like profit & loss, trail balance, balance sheet are not available. Candela can be integrated with the excellent account software LumenSoft LightWave to have end-to-end financial management.

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