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To enable the Multi-Currency module in Candela RMS, you have to check the checkbox with the name of “Enable Multi Currency” in Configuration > System Configuration. (Fig. 1.1)

Fig. 1.1

Defining Group Rights:

You can give rights to the selected group of Forms, Define Currency Type and Define Currency Rates Under the menu of Configuration (Configuration > Misc. > Define Currency Type, Define Currency Rates) Fig. 1.2

Fig. 1.2

Define Currency Type:

In Candela Multi Currency, first you have to define the Currencies. For Head office you have to check the “Base Currency” check box. There can only be one base currency.

Define Currency Rates:

On this screen define exchange rates for all the defined currencies. For Base Currency we took convention to define rate “1”. Following screen is to define the Currency Rates.                           (Configuration > Misc. > Define Currency Rates)

Define Shop Currency:

Select the Shop Currency from the drop down with the name of Shop Currency. This drop down has all the Currency Symbols that you have defined on Define Currency Type Screen. See the below snapshot.

Multi Currency Reports:

Reports related to Multi Currency can be seen under the menu Reports > M- Multi Currency Reports. These reports are as follow:

M01- Shop Sales report

M02- Product wise sales profit margin report

M03- GRN Date wise report

M04- Article Movement Report

Multi Currency Reports Rights:

Rights to the Multi Currency Reports can be given through Group Rights Screen with the category selected (Reports > Multi Currency)

M01- Shop Sales Report (Shop View):

When the shop user will open the M01- Shop Sales report then he/she can view its shop sales reports and the Currency symbol of his/her shop will be shown in the header of Net Sales Column.

M01- Shop Sales Report (Head Office):

When the Head office user will check this (M01- Shop Sales Report) report on giving the criteria, then user can see two columns of Net Sales. Net Sales in that shop Currency shown with the currency symbol of that Shop and other column of Net Sales will be shown with the currency symbol of Base Currency. As shown in following figure.

Similar is the case with the other reports.

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