Enhanced Functionality in Candela Loyalty Club Feature

(Introduced in Release 12018)

Develop a Tiered Loyalty club Program in Candela

Now you can easily develop a tiered loyalty club program for your customers. Candela loyalty club feature can be configured to automatically make a customer eligible for the next tier by defining a certain threshold. For example, you can set a number of points on achieving which customers will become eligible for the next level of membership, say, from silver to gold.

Plus, you can also provide rewards for moving to the next tier by offering bonus points.



Designate Certain Occasions as Extra Point Days

To increase customers’ engagement and boost sales, you can configure Candela to mark certain days like Eid, Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s Day, etc. as extra point days. Configure Promo points for loyalty club members who shop on the extra point days.

Customer will get complete details of the number and type of points earned when they shop:



 Make your Customers Feel Special on Their Special Occasions

reward-points-sms-in-candelaYou can configure Candela to offer special awards, with personalized greetings, to customers on their special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. You can easily automate the greeting campaign in Candela.  Pre-configure a message in Candela just once, and generate a list of customers whose special occasion falls within a certain date range, hit send SMS button and join in the celebration of customers’ special days.



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