Candela Security & User Privileges (rights) FAQs

How security and user rights are managed in Candela?

Security in Candela is managed in three simple steps:


1. Create Groups. Can be done through Menu: Security > Groups


2. Create Users in each of the Groups. Can be done through Menu: Security > Users


3. Give Group Rights to each of the Group. Menu: Can be done through Security > Group Rights


In Candela all the system Users belong to one of the defined Groups. All Groups are given system access and user rights privileges using Group Rights screen. System Users are created using “Users” screen. While creating Users, we have to attach the users with one of the already defined Groups. Then all the Users of a particular Group get the rights assigned to that particular Group. For example, for retail outlets we usually create two “Groups”. One is called “Salesperson” while other is called “Shop Manager”. All salesperson users are created under the group “Salesperson”. Whatever privileges are given to “Salesperson” Group (using Group Rights screen), are automatically assigned to all Users created under this Group.

Besides this, there are some additional user rights and privileges which can be assigned to individual Users, irrespective of the group to which they belong. This facility is available in “User” definition screen. These additional privileges include view of cost price in different system areas and reports.

For getting detailed instructions on How to manage security in Candela view Tutorial Video

How can I check the activities performed by a system user?

You can check the activities performed by any system users by using the “Log Viewer” screen in Candela. This screen lets you select a particular User and also type of action that you may be looking for. Complete detail of user activity is displayed along with date and time of the activity.

User Log checking facility is available under Menu:  Security > Log Viewer

How can I change my Password?

You can modify your own password by using the Change Password screen. For this you have to enter your current password and new passwordThis can be done using Menu option: Utilities > Change Password

Password can also be changed by the system administrator who has the rights to create or modify “Users”.  This can be done using Menu option: Security > Users.

How can I deactivate a User?

You can deactivate a User if you want that a particular User should no longer be able to use the system anymore. To do this you can open the user definition screen and put “End Date” for the User in the update mode. This can be done using Menu option: Security > Users.

What is “Group Type” in Group Definition?

In Group Definition, Group Type is relevant only for Candela professional or enterprise version (multi location version). The Group Type “Admin” and “HO” is meant for head office users which use the back office or server. So all head office Users must belong to Groups with Group Type “HO” or “Admin.

Groups with Group Type “shop” are created for all Users who belong to Shops or Warehouses. All Users which are created in a Group with Group Type “Shop” must be attached to one of the system “Shops”. Then these Users are able to login to that particular shop to which they belong.


Note: The Users who are attached to a Group with “Group Type” as “Admin” always fall in administrator category whether you assign them Rights or Privileges through Group Rights screen or not. Being System Administrator, these Users will always have access to Group Rights screen. Therefore, only admin Users should be attached to such Groups. All other Users at the Head Office should be attached to Groups which have “Group Type” as “HO”.

Can I change the “Group Type” for a Group?

Group Type for a Group can only be changed if there are no Users defined for that Group. If any User exists against a Group then its Group Type cannot be changed.

I want to restrict users in the head office to be able to see and manage only those shops which are assigned to them. How Can I do this in Candela?

You have to first create different Groups with “Group Type” as “HO”. Now open up the Group Shops Rights screen. This can be done through Menu: Security > Group Shops Rights. Here on this screen, with each of the Group you can attach different shops. Next step is to attach Users to these Groups. When these Users login to the System they see only those shops which are attached to the Group to which they belong.


Note: This facility is only available in Enterprise Version of Candela.

I have not given access and rights to Group Rights screen to some of the Users but when these Users log in to the System they can open up this screen. Why?

You have created these Users in a Group which has “Group Type” as “Admin”. By default, all Users who belong to such Groups are considered as System Administrators. Create these Users under a Group which as “Group Type” as “HO” and then assign required privileges to these Groups.

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