Purpose: The purpose of this document is to provide training to candela users in a structured manner. Some of the training items are required for specific customers and specific versions. These are marked as “Optional”.

Training is given based on the requirements of the customer and configuration of Candela. So before start of this training “C03- Candela discussion sheet” must have been completed and filled.

Once the training is given against an item in the list, mark or check that item so that progress can be recorded

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Start of the Candela training Course

Product Definition

1. Creation of Line Items:

  1. Explain purpose of line items in the system
  2. Create required line items
  3. give training to customer for new line items and updates
Status:tick box

2. (Optional) If assortment version then create size and colors

  1. Explain purpose of size and colors
  2. Create and update sizes and given training for definition of sizes
  3. Tell about new sizes addition from product definition screen
  4. Create and update colors and given training for definition of colors
  5. Tell about new colors addition from product definition screen
Status:tick box

3.      Creation of Categories        

  1. Define and update categories for different line items and give training
Status:tick box
4. (Optional) Definition of product code templates Status:tick box

5. Products Definition 

  1. Training for basic entry and update
  2. Set default usage for quick entry
  3. Explain the purpose of product code templates
  4. Define product code templates and give training
  5. Product attributes training (using BASIC attributes first)
  6. (Optional) training of purchase conversion factor, tax etc.
  7. (Optional) training of purchase conversion factor, tax etc.
  8. (Optional) training of product assembly
Status:tick box


6. Purchase Order (Optional)                                                               

  1. Definition of supplier
  2. Opening balance of suppliers
  3. Creation of PO and PO Matrix (optional)
Status:tick box

7. Goods Receipt / Purchase of Goods                                                 

  1. Definition of suppliers
  2. Opening balance of suppliers
  3. Create, update and deletion of GRN – use of hold product help and keep focus  barcode printing
  4. Creation of purchase return note
  5. (Optional) Loading of PO
  6. (Optional) training of FOC, tax, etc.
  7. (Optional) training editable retail price on
Status:tick box

Sales and Return

8.      Sales and Return

  1. (Optional) Training of sales person
  2. Help windows training (F1, F5, F6) – holding
  3. Mode of Payment
  4. Return and Exchange invoice
  5. Invoice Holding
  6. Amount adjustment and screen locking
  7. Search and update of invoice
  8. (Optional) Definition of customer – customer invoice
Status:tick box
9.      Sales Reports Training 
  1. C11, C22, C31, C12 (optional)
  2. D07, A25, A03, A05 (optional)
Status:tick box

10.  Purchase Reports Training

  1. (Optional) PO reports
  2. D07, F02, F03, F04
Status:tick box

11.  Movement Reports Training

  1. E06, E17
  2. Check movement due to sales, returns, purchase, purchase returns
Status:tick box
12.  Supplier Ledger Reports Training
  1. Supplier ledgers
  2. Payable ageing
Status:tick box

Stock Transfers

13.  Movement (STR) generation training

  1. Generation of One to One STR – loading of GRN
  2. Generation of One to Many STR
  3. Generation of Many to One STR

Status:tick box

14.  (Optional) STR processing Training

  1. Dispatch of STR
  2. Receipt of STR – same quantity and different quantity
Status:tick box

15.  (Optional) STR adjustment Training – Only for enterprise edition

  1. Adjustment of excess and short quantities
  2. New STR adjustment
Status:tick box

16.  STR Reports Training

  1. Warehouse Movement Report
  2. E-17 – Movement of stock in and stock out
Status:tick box

Miscellaneous Training Items

17.  System Security & user rights

  1. Definition of groups
  2. User definition – change password
  3. Setting up of group rights
Status:tick box

18.  Physical Audit Training

  1. Explain physical audit – system and physical quantities
  2. Entry of items directly – usually after manual audit
  3. Implementation of audit
  4. Sessions creation, editing and merging
Status:tick box

19.  Customer Order / Alteration

  1. Creation of customer orders
  2. Closing of customer orders
Status:tick box

20.  Opening Stock Entry

  1. Entry by physical audit
  2. Entry by GRN
  3. Update of opening stock
Status:tick box

21.  Cost price management

  1. Weighted and non weighted price
  2. Opening price through product definition screen
  3. Utility to set cost price
Status:tick box

22.  Discount Management

  1. Entry and update of different discount types
  2. Effect of discount on sales screen
  3. Effect of discount in C11 Report
Status:tick box

23.  Accounting Transactions

  1. Definition of accounting heads
  2. Attachment of accounting heads to shop
  3. Entry of expenses, head office, bank, and other accounts
  4. Credit card – receipts from banks
  5. View of accounting transaction ledgers
Status:tick box

24.  Accounts Reports Training

  1. A06, A21, A22
Status:tick box

25.  Daily Accounts closing

  1. All accounting transactions completion before closing
  2. POS cash flow – Head office cash submission – cash difference
  3. (Optional) Shop closing (for multiple shifts / terminals)
Status:tick box

26.  Training of Utilities

  1. Change of product numbers
Status:tick box

27.  Reports Training

  1. A01, A02, B11
  2. C30, C62, C63, C64
  3. D25, D26, E17, G01
Status:tick box

28.  Inventory level training

  1. Setting of inventory levels
  2. Order point analysis reports
  3. Using of inventory levels in GRN
Status:tick box

29.  (Optional) Replication from Shop

  1. Search product from shop
Status:tick box

30.  (Optional) Franchise Management

  1. Configuration of Shop and sharing
  2. Franchise reports
Status:tick box
31. (Optional) System configuration training
  1. Training is given to the people who need and are capable
Status:tick box