Candela software is an excellent solution for management of Gas Stations retail Business. To configure Candela for Gas Station (CNG, Petrol, and Diesel), you have to take following steps.

STEP # 1: Define a new Line-Item for CNG or Petroleum products. Suppose new Line-Item is created with the name "Petroleum Products".


STEP # 2: Based on the DISPENSERS and NOZZLES available, create the Products under the newly created line item.

Suppose a Gas Station business has 3 DISPENSERS and each DISPENSER have 2 NOZZLES, for that you will create Six (6) Products with following names.


  1. CNG Dispenser 1 - Nozel No 1
  2. CNG Dispenser 1 - Nozel No 2
  3. Petrol Dispenser 2 - Nozel No 1
  4. Petrol Dispenser 2 - Nozel No 2
  5. Diesel Dispenser 3 - Nozel No 1
  6. Diesel Dispenser 3 - Nozel No 2

The retail price of these products will be per unit (litre/Kg) price of CNG, Petrol, or Diesel.

STEP # 3: Now you will configure the newly created line item. For this you go to Configuration > System Configuration and Sales/ Purchase TAB, you will find a Drop Down list with the label "Petroleum Product Line Item". This drop down list contains all line items defined in the system. Please select the Line-Item which you have created for the Petroleum Products.


Now the system knows which line item have petroleum products under it. This information will be used to maintain Meter Readings of these products.

STEP # 4: Now you have to give the current Meter Readings to the system. This will be done from Physical Audit Screen. Load all petroleum products on the physical audit and enter the Meter Readings under the “physical quantity” area. When you implement the physical audit, these Meter Readings will now become starting point from next date onwards.

STEP # 5: Now the system is ready to manage meter readings. All sales of petroleum products will be entered through sales and return screen.

Note: If meter is rolled and becomes “Zero” then you can do a “Physical Audit” to initialize meter of the particular product

Meter Reading Report

By configuring Petroleum Line Item a report will be visible to the user, this report is in Sales Reports menu and the name of the report is "C-80 Petroleum Products Sales".


In this report you will give the Date / Time to see the METER READING of each nozzle / Product.

When you enter sales through sales and return screen, the meter reading on this report will advance and show the next value

Note: if user business is not a pertrolem business, User will not map the Petroleum Product Line Item in System Configuration.