There are some selected reports (C31, C42, D26, E17) which can be configured to be sent to selected users automatically by the system.

Reports Email facility (scheduled tasks) require a software file “AutoAlert.Exe”. This software is available in Candela install directory\Utilities (for example D:\Program File\Lumensoft\Candela RMS\Utilities. Copy this software file and paste in Candela Install directory (for example D:\ProgramFile\Lumensoft \Candela RMS


Open up Candela > Configuration > System Configuration screen. In this screen Provide your mail server address, email address and user name and password.



After performing the above steps your email configurations and settings are complete.

As mentioned above, this scheduled email facility is only available for selected reports (C31, C42, D26, E17). For all these above reports you can make different templates with your desired selections. All templates of these selected reports will be available for email.


Once you have created templates for required reports you are ready to create a schedule for automated email of these reports.

Open up Candela > Configuration > Report Alerts Configuration screen

  • Select Type from Combo box : Email
  • Give a specific name for this email task (for e.g. Daily Mgt Report -1)
  • Select frequency from links. (E.g. Daily, Weekly, Monthly)
  • Select the specific user\users to which reports should be sent through email
  • Select the Reports which you are going to sent
  • Save all these settings.


There are options to set the frequency of sending reports and three options exist on screen. They are

  • Daily: Selected reports will be automatically generated and sent on daily basis on the given time
  • Weekly: This option gives you the facility to configure a day of the week on which a report will be generated and sent.
  • Monthly: It allows you to set a day for monthly sending. On the selected day of the month report will be generated and sent.

You can select one (or many) report(s) and send that to one (or Many) user(s) of Candela RMS.  Grid on that screen is used to display previously made alerts. You can update any one of these in update mode.