1. GRN Based Cost Update Utility Can Now Also be Applied to Implemented Physical Audit (2015)

To get correct estimates of your profit margins, it is extremely important to manage cost. Cost management is handled in Candela through GRN posting.  And GRN Based Cost update utility allows you to update cost price of the items included in sales, STRs and physical audit before the posting is done.

This means if GRN posting is not done in time and you have implemented physical audits before the posting, the system can easily calculate and apply weighted cost of the items included in the implemented audit.

Select the radio button Physical Audit, give the date range during which the audit is performed, and click the button Update Physical Audit.

Note: The cost changes can only be made in physical audit for a particular period after GRN posting has been done for that particular period.

2. Now the record of all created STRs is automatically exported as CVS file and saved in the system (introduced in release 2015)

On System Configuration>Product/STR tab, mark the checkbox ‘Export STR Generation Grid’

Now the system will create a folder called ‘STRGridSave’ in the Candela installation folder. Whenever you generate STR, the system will export its CVS file in the STRGridSave folder. You can easily see details of all generated STRs.

3. Two New Reports to keep you more tuned to your inventory positions and make informed decisions:

GRN/Purchase Return Day wise Report

This report shows supplier wise details of Goods received and returned to the supplier on any particular day within the specified date range.

C-19 Top Hundred Products by Value

This reports shows your top-selling, high-value products plus future stock optimization suggestions based on sales.

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