Lightwave Training Outline

Purpose: The purpose of this document is to provide training to Lightwave users in a structured manner.

Training is given based on the requirements of the customer and configuration of Lightwave. Following points need to be discussed and communicated to the customers,

Once the training is given against an item in the list, mark or check that item so that progress can be recorded

Organization Name:     _______________________________

Training Start Date:      _______________________________

Training Sessions:

S #


Conducted by

Attended by

Covered Topics


Start of the training Course



1.  Company Definition (Single/Multi):


a.       Explain purpose of Multi Company

b.      Describe User Rights company wise plus company selection at login

2.   Financial Year Definition    Status:

a.       Describe Open and Close Status of Financial Year

b.      Objective of Year closing

c.       Financial Year selection while login plus what is its impact after login

3.      Creation of Chart of Account     Status:

a.       Describe 5 levels of chart of account

b.      Mapping of Sub Sub level account with BL and P&L notes

c.       Purpose of account Type drop down on sub sub level of COA

4.      Opening Voucher in System    Status:

a.       Objective of Opening voucher

b.      Format of opening voucher and when it should be entered (date/year)

5.      Voucher Configuration    Status:

a.       Voucher print format (long/short)

b.      Voucher report sorting (auto/manual)

c.       Show desc. In voucher

6.      Other Configuration   Status:

a.       Configuration of Year End closing account and its objective

b.      Configuration of Default Backup path

c.       SMS Configuration

d.      Company Name and Address printing on reports

7.      Voucher’s operations    Status:

a.       Describe voucher save, update, delete

b.      Posting and Un posting of vouchers

c.       Voucher Search/Filter. Filter vouchers on source if integrated

d.      Security of voucher post/ un post

8.      Bank Reconciliation    Status:

a.       View Un presented/ Un credited vouchers

b.      How to Reconcile bank

9.      SMS Feature    Status:

a.       Explain SMS feature and list of activities where SMS can be configured

b.      Describe how to send promotions/Sales SMS

10.  Reporting   Status:

a.       Account Ledger

b.      Trial Balance

c.       P & L All formats

d.      Balance Sheet All format

e.      Bank Position and Bank Statement Report etc.

11.  (Optional) In Case of Integration    Status:

a.       Explain complete detail and mapping of integration

b.      Describe Filters available on reports for shop based








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