New Features in Candela Release 12026

Mar 20, 2017

More Freedom to edit Discounts on Sales and Return Screen

Previously, if pre-configured discount existed for a particular product, the system, by default, gave preference to the pre-configured percentage or value of discount.  But now it is up to the user. User who has the discount editing rights on ‘users’ screen can now edit discount even if there is a pre-configured discount for a particular product.

You are Free to Print Comments on Receipt of Non-payment Till

Before Release 12026, users could print comments on sale receipts but not on receipts of non-payment tills. Now you are free to print comments on receipts of non-payment till as well. Just make sure you use receipt type SR-04.

Note: Print Sale Comments checkbox on System Configuration>Receipt tab should be checked.

Now you can also update receipts made in Mixed payment mode

Earlier, users (who had the right to update receipt) could update receipts but were not allowed to update receipts made in mixed payment mode, i.e., in both cash and credit card.

Now if you upgrade your Candela release to 12026, you are free to update receipts made in mixed payment mode.

Free to Order Decimal Quantity in Purchase Order

Until now there was no way to enter decimal quantity in purchase orders. But Candela release 12026 gives you the freedom to order products also in decimal quantity.

To use this functionality go to: Configuration>System configuration>Purchase tab

And mark the checkbox ‘Allow decimal quantity at PO.’

A New Reports Gives More visibility to your Data

A new report ‘D-34 STR request Detail Report’ allows you to keep tabs on all STR requests made by shops to head office . The report shows details of the shop making the request, products requested, dates when they are requested, and the status of the request requests made.

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