Candela Urdu Version Configuration

For Candela Urdu version we have to take few additional steps after installation of Candela.
This documents provides guidelines for configuration of Candela for Urdu language

1.      Go to Control Panel > Regional and Language Options

It will show you following window


2.      Click On Languages tab

  • Select both check boxes under “Supplemental language support”
  • insert windows XP CD in the CRROM and click apply button, it will take some time
    and may require system restart.
  • After installation again go to languages tab and click on “Details…” Button” to add
    Urdu keyboard


3.      click on “Add” button  on Text Services and Input Language Screen


4.      Add Input Language Screen will appear

  • Select Urdu from Input language and also from keyboard layout/IME, you can also add phonetic
    keyboard if installed.


You can download phonetic keyboard from


If you want to check and display on screen keyboard layout then do the following:

Click on Start and click RUN, type OSK and press Enter

it will show you the layout of the selected keyboard

You can select and switch keyboard from task bar


Note: You can configure and instal Urdu Support and Keyboard layout by using a third-party installer available here

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