Candela integration with FonePay

LumenSoft announces Candela integration with FonePay to Help its Customers Leverage Mobile Payments for Sales Growth.

LumenSoft(August 8, 2017)- With an increasing number of customers choosing mobile payment methods, LumenSoft Technologies, a leading retail solution provider, has responded with an additional functionality in its product, Candela RMS.  Now Candela is fully integrated with FonePay. This will make it possible for Candela users to accept payments through the mobile app. All payments made through FonePay will automatically transfer to Candela.

The existing features in Candela RMS like loyalty card, gift vouchers, and discount campaigns  are also handled through the app. Moreover, there is also a separate sales report for all payments received through the app.

CEO Abdul Aziz believes the integration is perfectly aligned with the company’s mission to keep up with the emerging retail trends. “Leveraging mobiles for online payments is a game changer and will create a competitive advantage for retailers who offer this functionality,” stated Abdul Aziz. “We hope this facility will help Candela users create value for their customers.”

Candela customers
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