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Quick Way to find out Your Hot Selling Item

Mar 21, 2017 | Ask Our Techie | 0 comments

Dear Techie,

I am a ladies apparel retailer. My spring stock is doing really well with some of the items selling like cold drinks on a hot day. Is there a quick way to find out which design was the number one selling item during March?

Happy retailer.


Ask Candela TechieDear Happy Retailer


Congratulations. We want all our customers to be like you: happy and curious.

Of course, there is a quick way to do so. Go to: Reports>E-Movement

Reports>E-17 Article Movement Report.

Give the date range, select line item, select category and product group (for more detailed report), select shops and click Generate Report button.

Select radio button ‘Quantity,’ and sort on Sales column. The highest selling item will show in the top row.

Here is a quick tip: Remember, to be able to generate complete and extensive reports, your product definition should be complete.

Stay Happy.

Yours in Retail,

Candela Techie

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