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The retailer who wanted to Manage IMEI Number Wise Inventory of cell phones

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Dear Techie, 

I have a franchise of mobile phones. I want to do define a product, say, iphone6 but every mobile set has a different IMEI number. Does this mean that if I have 100 sets of iphone6 I will have to define hundred different products? The thought is giving me nightmares.

Sleep-less in Lahore.


Dear Sleep-less in Lahore,

No more nightmares; we are here to change the shape of your dreams.

Candela has already introduced a feature in the release that takes care of all kinds of serial number woes. Here’s how:

First go to: Configuration>System Configuration>Purchase tab

Check the checkbox ‘Enable Serialized Inventory’ update.

Once you have taken care of the above configurations go to Purchase>GRN screen to enter received products.

Load the product (for example, iphone6) in the grid, enter its quantity in the Quantity column and save.

Now open the saved GRN in Update mode and click the button (above the grid) ‘Add Serialized inventory’. A pop-up screen will appear. Scan IMEI numbers of your mobile sets or enter them manually. Save.

While selling a particular set on the sales and return screen, when you scan the product its name will load on the grid and its IMEI number will appear in the Batch number column.

(Note: If you want to print batch on the sales receipt, select standard 3 inch invoice type on the invoice page setup screen. Moreover, keep ‘Print Batch No on Invoice’ checkbox checked on the system configuration>Invoice tab)

Stay happy and sleep well.

 Yours in retail,

Candela Techie

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