Techie explains an important function to a fashion retailer

The Techie Explains the purpose of an Important checkbox to a Fashion Retailer

Nov 9, 2016 | Ask Our Techie | 0 comments

Dear Techie,

I am an apparel retailer and have recently started using Candela POS. As you had told me I began by creating departments or line items. For my business requirements I created two separate departments for boys and girls garments.

Products for both these line items require different sizes and colors. But when I went to the product definition scree, I couldn’t find the Size and color grid! What went wrong?

Retailer-who-is a –Candela POS Newbie


Dear Retailer-who-is a –Candela POS Newbie

Calm down. There is nothing wrong. The big size and color grid on the product definition screen depends upon a tiny checkbox for its working. And you ignored it! While defining every line item with size and color you need to mark the check box ‘with size and color.’

When you define products under the line items, this checkbox becomes un-editable. Now to remedy the situation, you will have to delete the products defined under those line items; then go to the line item screen, select the line from the list view and mark ‘with size and color’ checkbox against it. Update.

This will solve your problem. Stay happy.

Yours in retail,

Candela Techie

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