Techie explains how pharmacy retailers can manage generic names

The Techie explains to a Pharmacy Retailer how to keep tabs on Generic names of medicines

Nov 9, 2016 | Ask Our Techie | 0 comments

Dear Techie, 

I have recently started using Candela for my pharmacy and this has made my retail life considerably easier.

As you know, same medicines are made by different manufactures and they are sold with different names meaning their basic formula or generic name is the same. It’s a common practice by doctors to prescribe medicines by their popular names of particular brands. Customers also use these names while buying medicines.

Pharmacies need to keep tabs on the generic names of each medicine so that if medicine of a particular brand is not available the other with the same generic name or formula can be sold.

I there a way to maintain generic names of medicines being defined in Candela pos?

Pharmacy retailer.


Dear Pharmacy Retailer,

Yes, in Candela POS you can easily maintain generic names of medicines. While you are defining any medicine, enter medicine name (brand name) in the product name field. Now in the product variable 2 field, use the quick definition button to define generic name of the defined medicine and select it to attach it with medicine (defined in the product field). Carry out the above actions for every medicine.

On the Sales and Return screen keeping the cursor in field, click F4. A screen will pop up, select the medicine you want to sell and click ‘Alternate Products’ tab. The screen will show all medicines with the same generic name. You can select the one you want to sell.

If you ever need more help, you can always contact our support department.

Keep doing awesome retail and stay happy.

Yours in retail,

Candela Techie

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