Retail Therapy: 4 Reasons why it Works

A childhood memory that lingers is that of colorful plastic crockery and other items that lined our kitchen and dining room shelves. My mother used to buy tones of them every now and then, we kids used to joke that one day we would have our own crockery store boasting...

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Quick Way to find out Your Hot Selling Item

Dear Techie, I am a ladies apparel retailer. My spring stock is doing really well with some of the items selling like cold drinks on a hot day. Is there a quick way to find out which design was the number one selling item during March? Happy retailer.   Dear Happy...

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New Features in Candela Release 12026

More Freedom to edit Discounts on Sales and Return Screen Previously, if pre-configured discount existed for a particular product, the system, by default, gave preference to the pre-configured percentage or value of discount.  But now it is up to the user. User who...

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How to Shift Products from One Line Item to Another

Dear Techie, I am in a terrible fix. I had the opportunity to attend such excellent quality training of Candela at LumenSoft and thus found absolutely no problem with defining products, and understanding other screens.  However, I made a very silly mistake: I defined...

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