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Centralized Management of Retail Operations

Candela provides complete data related to sales & stocks at a centralized location
to enable accurate and timely business decisions. Sales and stocks information
from different retail outlets and warehouses is made available at the head office.
· Candela provides centralized data into one single, unified source
· Data from all warehouses and retail outlets is available at head office
· Centralized data helps in good decision making within the retail enterprise

Easy to Learn and Operate

Candela is designed with the Operator and User in mind. The system is full of
productivity features and activity work flows which must be carried out in retail
organizations yet it is simple to learn and operate.
· Integrated Help facility is available for all important screens
· Candela User Forum contains discussion threads of features and issues
· Video tutorials and help documents facilitate learning
· Training Mode enables the users to practice different operations without
affecting actual data. Same User Login and security rights are used for the
training mode

User Access Security Management

The system is secure and only authorized users can operate the system. All the
actions being performed by a user are logged and record is kept for any future use.
· All users who are made part of a group get the rights associated with that
· The system has a logging mechanism. All the actions performed by the user,
which change the state of the system, are logged and reports are available.

Complete Barcode Enabled Software

The system uses a bar code reader to enter sales and transfer of different products.
However manual entry is also possible. This ensures the integrity of data and
reduces the chances of manual errors.
· Facility of barcode generation from system
· Sales and returns through barcodes
· Physical audits through barcodes
· Stock dispatches and receipts through barcodes
· Support of Hand Held Scanners (data collectors) throughout system

Barcode Designer

Candela provides the facility to design required barcodes. Users can select the
information which they want to print on the barcodes
· Visual interface for designing of barcodes
· Select data fields and adjust their location for printing on the barcodes
· Manage data fonts, sizes. Add logos on the barcode
· Print discounts and discounted price on barcodes

Nested Barcodes

Multiple barcodes can be linked to one single master barcode. Each of the slave
barcode can represent different packaging and pricing for the master barcode.
· Multiple barcodes are linked to one Master barcode
· Stock is managed for Master barcode
· Every slave barcode can represent different quantity (packaging)
· Sale invoice shows both master product and slave product

Multi-lingual Support (Urdu, English, Arabic etc.)

Candela provides multi-lingual support. Both Left-to-Right and Right-to-Left
languages are supported. User can edit the dictionary to suit his/her own
· System language can be different from user languages
· Different users can have different languages for interface and messaging

Multi-Currency Functionality

In Candela, Multi-Currency capability is provided. This enables the retailers to
extend their retail operations across different countries with different operating
· Configuration of different Currencies for each shop
· Link of all currencies with the base currency
· Head office reporting (selective) in Base currency
· Printing of barcodes labels for shops in respective currencies

Communication Module (SMS, Email)

Reports can be configured against a schedule. Then based on this schedule reports
are emailed automatically to different system users. Scheduling can be done on
daily, weekly, or monthly basis.
· Selected reports can be scheduled for email delivery
· All Reports can be emailed on demand
· SMS can be generated for customers and suppliers
· System can generate SMS when invoice is made at POS
· System generated SMS can be configured for different activities and

Flexible Product Definition

Candela provides options to define products and their  attribute based on user preferences. A large number of user defined  attributecan be assigned to products. Attributes can be hierarchical and linear. These product attributes are used to get reports for sales, order point, audit, and stocks.

Flexible SKU definition is available in Candela
· Flexible Code Length – 3 to 15 Characters
· Product Code can be Numeric or Alpha-numeric
· Same style code with different sizes and colors
· Product prices can be different for different colors and sizes
· Product pictures can be are also available in sales reports, ageing reports. and
purchase order printing
· Any product definition box can be marked as mandatory so that user
cannot skip that entry
· The product definition screen can be customized to make entry simple
and user friendly

Product Assembly Creation (Product Recipe or Bill of Material)

Candela allows the users to define product assemblies. For each product assembly,
its recipe or BOM can be defined.
· Cost changes in recipe is reflected in assembly cost
· User can assemble or disassemble product assemblies
· Assemblies can automatically be created based on sales quantities and thus
raw materials consumption is recorded by the system
· It’s possible to create assemblies within assemblies (nested assemblies)
· For raw material consumption, nested assemblies can be categorized into
two levels. This helps to manage the semi-finished and final products.

Invoice Generation and Point of Sales

Candela has an integrated point of sales terminal which facilitates all the operations to be performed by sales staff at retail outlets. Point of sales is very easy to use and can be operated by salesmen with very li_le training.
• Candela generates invoices for Sales, Exchanges, & Returns to customers Shop staff can be restricted from view of previously made invoices
• Multiple point of sales terminals can be used at any retail outlet
• During clearance sales, the discounts are calculated by the system and invoice is generated accordingly
• Multiple tenders can be used to se_le one invoice
• Highly customizable point of sale interface to suit different business rules and requirements

Touch Screen Facility for POS

Candela POS provides touch screen facility. This facility can be switched ON or OFF for each POS.
· All numeric entries can be done through touch key pad
· Multiple Item Groups and products can be configured

Non-Payment POS Terminals

Candela provides mechanism to make bills or delivery-chalan using Non Payment Tills. These Bills when scanned at payment counters are automatically converted to Invoices.
· Non-payment Tills can be used to generate quotations
· Invoice Templates can be made for frequently sold items
· Re-scanning of bills can be blocked

Off-Line POS Tills

Candela provides functionality to configure the POS Tills as Off-Line. In this mode the Tills work independent of the Shop Server. In case the shop server goes down or there is a network disconnection between shop server and the Till, the POS
operations are not affected. The Off-Line Tills are synchronized with the shop server at regular intervals
· Offline Tills can work as standard Till and in the absence of server connectivity Emergency mode is initiated
· Offline Tills help to reduce the server load and result in fast invoice processing

Daily Accounts Closing and Cash Reconciliation

Candela allows multiple cash tills at retail outlets. Also, multiple shifts can be managed in Candela. Cash reconciliation is done by the system and cash differences are reported.
· Each cashier is responsible for his own cash. Opening cash can be provided to each cashier at the start of the day
· Cash available from the previous day/shift is added to the opening cash of next day/shift for the POS
· Candela generates reports for every Till as well as consolidated report for entire shop
· Shop manager can handle cash transactions other than invoices like daily expenses, supplier payments, customer credit receipts etc
· After shift/day closing the accounts are locked and changes cannot be made

Override Log-in Facility

Candela provides Override or Supervisory login facility for POS operations. If some operation is required for which Cashier is not authorized, the supervisor can login and do the required task. The cashier is not required to logout. The supervisor just logs in the system by suppressing the cashier login. When supervisor logs out, the previous login is automatically restored
· Override login without need to log out previous user
· Override login possible with the employee swipe card

Tax Management & Reporting

Candela provides comprehensive tax management facility. Input Tax is managed during purchases and output tax from sales is recorded
· Tax can be configured for all transactions of a shop or it can be setup for each product separately
· While making invoice, Product prices can be displayed with tax OR without tax. Tax information is available on invoices separately
· Rule engine is available for calculating applicable tax while making invoices with different discounts
· Tax reporting is available for Input and Output tax

Customer Orders & Layaway Management

Candela can book Advance Orders and manage Layaways. For customer Advance orders, advance payment is taken and inventory is affected when order is closed with final payment. For Layaway, inventory is affected when advance
payment is made.
· Discounts and Taxes are managed with Advance Orders
· For Advance Orders Inventory is reduced when order is closed
· For Layaway inventory is reduced with advance payment
· Purchase order can be created against customer orders

Discounts & Promotions Management

Candela provides a powerful discount management module to manage discounts. These discounts are automatically applied while making invoices.
· Discounts can be applied to selected or all products & to selected or all shops
· Discounts can be percentage discounts, flat discounts, fixed price discounts, invoice value discounts, quantity discounts
· Discounts can also be configured for certain days of the week and time of the day. For example, Tuesday and Thursday from 3PM to 5PM
· Discounts & promotions can be exclusively linked to Customer Loyalty Groups

Supplier Management Module

The system has an integrated vendor module. This enables the users to manage vendors and their accounts. Also there is a provision for direct purchases and consignment purchases.
· Maintain vendor ledgers
· Generate Purchase Orders from System
· Create GRN (goods receipt notes) against the issued PO
· Tracking of balance receivable goods against PO
· Printing of Product pictures on Purchase Orders
· Supplier performance reporting is available

Manual & Automated Purchase Order Generation

Candela provides the facility to generate purchase orders for the suppliers. Purchase orders can be generated manually or using system support. Candela can be configured to make purchase orders mandatory or keep them optional.
• Generate Purchase orders based on sales of one or more shops
• Generate Purchase orders based on re-order levels for products
• A_ach products to suppliers for quick Purchase Order
• Load Purchase orders through text files or data collectors
• Enter Purchase orders and keep in temporary area and finalize later
• Print product pictures with purchase orders
• Make purchase order for customer advance orders
• For Assortment version, make Purchase Orders in Matrix format for fast entry
• Block products for Purchase Orders

Goods Receipt Note (GRN)

Candela provides facility to make goods receipt note (GRN). Multiple GRNs can be made against one PO if the delivery is done in parts.
· Create GRN based on already made purchase order
· Enter GRN and keep in temporary area and finalize later
· Load GRNs through text files or data collectors
· Print barcodes directly based on the products and their quantities in GRN
· Apply discounts and taxes against GRN totals or against individual GRN items
· For Assortment version, make GRN in Matrix format for fast entry

Physical Audits and Stock Takes

The system stores the result of physical inventory checks and reports any discrepancies. It is possible to perform inventory check manually and enter the results or use barcode reader.
· Candela allows to carryout physical audit of every “Rack” or “Cabinet” separately
· It is not mandatory to freeze the operations during stock audit. Stock audit can be finalized and approved any time in the future.
· The system allows the users to reverse the implementation of physical audits
· Hand held scanner (data collector) can be used for physical audits
· Audits can be carried out during the day along with sales and returns

Pilferage Control at Retail Outlets and Warehouses

Candela enables the management to track the movement of goods at different retail outlets and control pilferage.
· Product audit reports to check the entire movement of stocks
· Re-conciliation capability to compare the head office and retail outlet records
· Daily movement and in-transit stocks tracking
· Analysis of wastage trends – physical audit and stock movement

Inventory Management and Re-Order Levels

Candela helps to maintain a high sales-to-stock ratio. This means that we can generate maximum sales with minimum stock. Inventory management enables the business to obtain a high service level with minimum stock-out (missed sales) cost.
· Re-order level for every stock item (SKU) can be defined
· Re-order for same stock item may be different for different locations
· Analysis of slow moving and fast moving products can be easily done
· Order point analysis to check stock items above maximum and below minimum

Adjustment of Re-order level based on Sales History

Candela provides the facility to automatically set the product re-order levels based on sales history. These re-order levels are then used while making purchase orders and stock transfer documents
· Calculation of re-order levels based on sales history
· Min, Opt, Max re-order levels can be set for required Days of Stock
· Re-order levels can be set based on any selected shop sales history
· For Re-order level se_ing outliers in sales history can be excluded

One Step Data Synchronization between Outlets & Head Office

For Multi-location systems, Data Sync is the key. Candela provides a simple, reliable, & one step process to transfer Information between outlets and headoffice.
· Bi-directional data transfer from retail outlets and warehouses
· Extremely simple and efficient operation
· No head office involvement is required during data transfer
· For Data Synchronization Static IP is only required in head office
· Data Exchange and transfer can be initiated at the outlets with click of a button OR it can be configured to take place automatically after a specified time interval

Stock Transfer between head office and outlets

The system can handle the transfer of inventory between warehouses and retail outlets. Also inventory can be transferred from one store to another. During transfers the inventory of the source is adjusted on dispatch, while the inventory of the destination is adjusted on the receipt of the goods. The system keeps track of the inventory and stocks
which are in transit i.e. which are dispatched from one location but are not received by
the other location
· Stock Transfer is carried out as a three step process: Stock Transfer order, Stock dispatch, and stock receipt
· Stock transfer note (STR) is initiated at the head office, then it appears at Dispatch location and after dispatch of goods it appears at Receipt location
· While making STR, complete information of existing inventories at Dispatch and Receive locations is available
· All stock transfers take care of in-transit stocks while calculating the Receipt location stock to avoid over stocking

Automated Stock Refilling and Stock Optimization

One of the core strengths of Candela lies in the automated stock distribution ability. Candela enables the users to transfer the stocks to the retail outlets automatically. The system has information about the sales and inventory of retail outlets. Based on this information, the system generates stock transfer orders for all retail outlets.
· Stock transfer notes can be made from one location to other OR from warehouse to multiple outlets in one go
· Candela calculates the required quantities, which need to be sent to outlets, automatically according to stock available at outlets & inventory re-order levels
· Stock is distributed amongst outlets based on available stock at the warehouse. Sequence of stock distribution is based on priority set for outlets. Re-order levels (min, opt, max) are incrementally satisfied for each outlet to ensure even distribution of stocks
· Stock transfers can be made based on the sales carried out at the outlets during a certain time period
· Excess Stocks from the retail outlets (typically at end of season) can be moved to warehouse automatically

Handling of Differences between Dispatch and Receive

There are cases when the stock which is actually received at the outlet is different from the dispatched stock mentioned in Stock Transfer Note. In this case we need to take corrective action so that the stock position is correct at both locations. Candela is able to handle scenarios such as:
· Received Stock may be less or more than the dispatched stock
· Total stock or part of the shipment may reach at a different outlet
· The number of items or quantity is same as dispatched but received SKU is different from the dispatched stock
· System provides facility to create adjustment notes in the head office which corrects the inventory

Stock Transfer Request from Outlets

Candela provides the facility to launch a stock transfer request from outlets. These requests are received at the head office and decision is then taken by the supply chain manager for transfer of stocks
· Stock transfer request initiated by warehouse or retail outlets
· Head office can approve those requests to directly convert them to Transfer Notes
· Stock requests can be configured to be automatically converted to stock transfer notes without head office involvement

Centralized Messaging System

For a retail chain organizations Candela enables the business to carry out internal messaging along with a history.
· Operation timings differ for retail outlets and head office
· A tool to communicate the policies and decisions of head office
· Two-way messaging between retail outlets (warehouses) and head office
· All communication is logged and available for future use

Product Search Facility at Shops

Sometimes a customer asks for a product which is currently not available at the store. Candela enables the shop staff to look for product availability at other stores and warehouses.
• Selected SKU can be searched for availability at other outlets
• For each store, the pool of outlets (and warehouses) can be assigned Inventory of only those outlets is then displayed in search results

Customer Loyalty Club

Candela helps to manage loyalty club and issue membership cards through the system. Points earning and redemption system is available where points are earned during purchases and can be redeemed by customers later. Complete track
of member purchases and buying pattern is maintained.
• Ability to generate loyalty cards
• Points earning and redemption system
• Issue silver, gold and platinum cards to members
• Analyze member sales and move them to different categories
• Promotions can be planned which can be tied to a particular category of Loyalty club

Employee Attendance Management

Candela provides a_endance module for shop employees. This facility is available for single location stores and also for multi-location stores. Attendance data from all shops is available at the head office.
• A_endance through barcode or RFID card
• Printing of Employee Cards through System
• A_endance reporting at shops and head office

Customer and Supplier Ledgers

Customer and Supplier ledgers can be maintained in Candela. When a Goods Receipt Note (GRN) or Good Return Note (GRR) is created the supplier ledger is updated. Similarly, products can be sold to customers on credit and their ledgers
are maintained.
• Customers can be defined as credit customers. Then ledgers are maintained for these customers
• Credit limits can be defined for credit customers
• Suppliers ledgers are maintained when purchase is made on Credit


Franchise Shops Management

Candela enables the management to configure the retail outlets as company owned or franchised. For Franchised shops, the profit and expense sharing mechanism is defined. Franchisee account management becomes effortless and complete history
is maintained.
• Gross Revenue & discount sharing ratio between owner and Franchisee
• Sharing of expenses between owner and Franchisee
• Revenue sharing can be different for different departments or categories
• Revenue sharing ratio can change when the products are on promotions or markdowns
• Multiple franchise outlet configurations can be done in one go

Integration with Retail hardware

Candela is integrated with retail hardware like printers, scanners, and customer displays. Selected hardware devices have seamless integration for efficient retail operations
• Barcode printers are integrated to print different types of barcodes
• Customer invoice can be printed on retail POS printers or laser printers
• Other retail devices like Barcode scanners, Customer Pole displays, Cash Drawers, weighing scales also work with Candela
• Different Tills can have different hardware configurations

Comprehensive Reports for Business Analysis

Candela provides a variety of reports to analyze sales, stocks, inventory movement etc. For all the reports a flexible criteria can be given by the user. Reports can be exported to excel or comma separated files for further analysis. Reports are divided
into the different categories:
• Sales Reports
• Stocks Reports
• Audit Reports
• Movement Reports
• Purchase Reports
• Product Reports
• Accounts Reports
• Customers Reports
• Franchise Reports
• Report Groups (i.e. Receipt Printer Reports)

Report Customization according to user needs

Candela allows the users to customize different reports to meet their own requirements. Information can be added or removed, appearance formatting can be done and those reports can be saved for future quick reference.

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