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Candela footwear management system is designed to handle all retail needs of the footwear industry in an efficient manner. Shoe store retailers have to manage large number of designs in varying categories like dress shoes, sandals, sports shoes etc. Management of assortments is a big challenge for footwear retailers. As the number of designs or products increases, the inventory management becomes more critical and complex. Cut-sizes should be quickly replenished to avoid customer dissatisfaction and inventory stock-out cost. Customer invoicing should be done efficiently to keep them happy and satisfied. Trend reports should be analyzed to know which products / category is doing better than the other.

Candela has a proven track record of helping shoe store businesses in their growth and increased profitability. Candela is working at single location footwear stores and also multi-location footwear chain stores.


Other than the features listed in Candela Feature Gallery, Candela for shoe store businesses offers the following footwear industry specific features:

Single code for all SKUs with Candela Retail software

Single code for all SKUs

While defining size and color items you don’t have to assign a separate code to each SKU. Candela generates identifiable code for each SKU by adding size and color information to the main code.


SMS Marketing

For designer footwear retailers SMS marketing is the fastest and easiest way to raise brand awareness and inform customers about season sales, upcoming collections, and other marketing offers. SMS feature in Candela makes SMS marketing hassle free. You can create various SMS templates and send promo messages to your contact lists of both regular and walk-in customers.


SMS Marketing with Candela Retail software
Product Categorization in Candela Retail software

Categorize your product to generate detailed reports

Candela for footwear management allows you to attach various attributes to products and generate attribute specific reports. For example, you can define sole type for shoes and check how shoes of a particular sole type is selling.


Place orders in size and Color Matrix

In footwear retail business it is essential to manage sizes and colors. A grid based and easy to use Matrix feature in Candela footwear management system makes it extremely easily to prepare purchase orders according to various sizes and colors.


Purchaser order for footwear retail in Candela Retail software
cut size report for footwear retailers in Candela Retail software

D-27 Cut size Report

Fashion retailers need to keep track of sizes of a particular product that are sold out. The Cut-size report in Candela gives a clear picture of out-of-stock sizes of a particular shoe type. You can also check out of stock sizes for a particular color or any other product attribute.


Enter Stock in Size and Color Matrix

In Candela the grid based format is used to enter stock according to various sizes and colors. With the Matrix function when new stock comes in you can easily enter stock against each size and color. The matrix format also makes it easy to update or change price of each SKU while entering stock.


 size and color Matrix form in Candela Retail software

Stock Consolidation

In Footwear businesses, efficient inventory management requires stocking your shops with the required colors and sizes of various shoe types. Sometimes, during mid-season the warehouse may be empty thus making it impossible to replenish all the shops. Stock Consolidation in Candela provides you with the option to periodically consolidate items that are spread over various shops but with minimum number of available sizes and colors.


Discount coupons

Discount coupon is another winning marketing strategy that Candela offers to retailers.  It is a kind of voucher that can be redeemed for free samples or a certain amount of discount while making a purchase. Coupons that are issued by retailers can be used in a number of ways. Candela gives you the option to generate coupons by various criteria like number of coupons, date range, product range, and discount limit.


Run discount campaigns with Candela Retail software
Sales report for footwear retailers in Candela Retail software

Business Analytics

Candela retail software is equipped with a robust reports module and allows you to easily track purchase/sale history of each product by color, size or design. Based on the insights of these reports, shoe store retailers can build better stock replenishment strategies and effective promotional campaigns targeting particular shoe collection.

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