Candela Login FAQs

How to Login to Candela? How do I start Candela?

Click on the Candela Icon to start the software. You will see the Login screen. Enter your login and password on this screen and press enter (green arrow button). You will be able to perform all those tasks for which you are authorized. The user rights and privileges are assigned to “User Group” to which a user belongs.

What is Quick login? How do I use Swipe Card for Login?

Candela provides a quick way of login. On login screen, you can see a button “Quick Login”. When you press this button, the screen gives you an entry box. When the cursor is in this box, you can scan your “Scan Card” or you can swipe your “Swipe Card”. From this card the system scans or reads your login and password and starts main screen of Candela.

What is Override login / Supervisory login?

Override login facility is available under Menu LogOff > Override Login.

Different functions or privileges in Candela are provided to different user groups. For example, in a retail outlet the cashier may not be able to make adjustments to an invoice or delete a scanned item from currently invoice. For this purpose cashier may call his supervisor to do these functions. For this purpose the cashier is not required to logout of Candela. The supervisor can enter into the system by going to the above Menu or by using the shortcut “Ctrl+O“. When supervisor uses the override login functionality, the cashier login is suppressed or become deactivated. When the supervisor logs out of the system by pressing “Ctrl+O” or by clicking the Menu LogOff > Reverse Override Login, the cashier login automatically becomes active again.

What is training mode? How to login to training mode?

Training Mode facility is available under Menu LogOff > Log in to training mode

Candela provides the facility to users to practice its operations without affecting the actual or live data. For this purpose training mode facility is provided. When a user clicks on the above menu item then another login screen is displayed. When the user gives login and password on this screen then another instance or copy of Candela is started. In this mode the color of all screens are different and user can easily recognize that he is working in the training mode. Training mode is connected to a different database so whatever is done in this mode does not have any effect on live data.

Information Message “Training mode is not configured” (System Messages)

Before training mode can be utilized, you have to configure in Candela. During this configuration, Candela creates a copy of the database with selected data. During this process the user selects the range of data which should be transferred to training mode. This step can be repeated to refresh the data available in the training mode.

Training Mode Configuration can be done through Menu Utilities > Setup & Configuration > Candela Training Mode

I am able to login at Head office but my login does not work at Shops?

In Candela Users are defined under one of the defined Groups. Only those Users who’s Group Type is “Shop” are able to login at Shops. So Shop Users and Head Office Users are different. If you want to login at both places then make two Users, one for the Shop and one for the Head Office.

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