Product Definition FAQs

Q. How to define a new product?

Go to: Configuration> Product Definition>
Select the Line Item from line item drown under which you want to define a new product.
Press Control +N or press NEW button at the bottom of the page.
Enter new product.

Q. How to generate auto product code?

First create a product template:
Go to: Configuration> Product Definition> Press new Product template help (the plus sign)
On the pop up screen enter Product Template name and code. Save
Press F2 : to generate auto codes.

Q. I have defined 1.5 as price a particular item if the price of one piece is 1.5. Now how can I define price when the price of 12 pieces of the same item is 12?

To define multiple prices for different quantities of one item, you will enable Nested Alternate Barcode:
Go to: Configuration> System Configuration> Product/STR tab
Enable the check box “Enable Nested Alternate Barcode
Update and Restart Candela.
Now go to: Configuration> Product Definition
Select the product you want to use for nested barcode
Go to: Nested Alternate Barcode tab (on the product definition screen)
Enter new code in “Barcode” field
Enter Qty, i.e., 12
Enter price of 12 pieces in “Price” field.
Enter Unit i.e., dozen pack
Update screen

Q. When I load products from another loader, an error occurs : Error "Invalid file format...".

This can happen if the file being loaded is not in the correct format.
Covert the file into xls format and load it through:
Utilities > Product Utilities > Product Loader screen.
Click Load File button

Q. On the product Definition Screen, Cost and Retail price is disabled.

Cost and retail price on the product definition screen is not enabled if the button ‘NEW‘ is not pressed.
Go To: Configuration> Product Definition> Press New Button
Both Columns will be enabled automatically.

Q. How can I assign separate prices to different SKUs of size and color items?

Go To: Configuration>Product Definition>
Enter New Product
Click Product Price Tab
Select Product Sizes and Product Combinations
Enter priceSave.

Q. Product is defined but it is not visible on any screen.

This can happen when there is a difference in product creation date and your system’s date.
Check system date
Now Go to:
Configuration>Product Definition> Product Creation Date
if there is a difference in these two dates, correct it.
Update the product price from Product price screen. Save

Q. How can I change retail price?

Go to:
Configuration> Product Definition>
Select Product
Click Product Price Tab
Enter new price in the Price field. Update

Q. How to delete a product?

You can delete a product if GRN is not entered against it.
Go To Product Definition Screen
Select product
Click Delete button

Q. How to deactivate product status?

Go to: utilities>product utilities>set product status
Select Line Item
Load Data
In the grid, enable the check box ‘Active/Deactive‘ against the product you want to deactivate.

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