Sales and Return FAQs

Q. Three days ago, I forgot to enter sales of one of my products. Now I want to enter that sale but when I try to do so on the Sales &Return screen, error pops us: Back Date sales not allowed.

A. This happens because you don’t have the rights to enter sales in previous dates.
This is what you can do:
Go to: Security> Group Rights
Select Sales Shop
From Categories, select Shop Activities
Expand and select Sales/Return
Enable the check box Allow Back Date Sales

Q. When I try to load products in the help window of GRN and Sales and Return screens. I can't find a specific product. What's the problem?

A. This happens if you have defined product price of that particular product in some future date. This is what you need to do:
Go to: Configuration>Product Definition>
Select the product
Click Product Price tab
Change Start Date of the product to the current date or some previous date. Update

Q. My customer returned one item and she also purchased another item. I want to make a single invoice of both these transactions.

On Sale and Return, press RETURN button and scan return item(s), again press RETURN button and scan sold item(s).

Q. How can a salesperson give discount to customers on the spot?

First give discount rights to sales shop:
Go to: Security> Users > select sales shop from ‘Select a Group‘ drop down.
Select shop from the grid
Enable Allow POS Discount Editing check box. Update
Now go to: Shop activities >Sales and return> enter Unit discount

Q. There is a lengthy product code on my invoice. What can I do so that product codes don't appear on my invoice?

Go to: Configuration > System Configuration > Invoice tab
Disable “Print Product Code” check box
Update, restart Candela and ask shops to replicate data.

Q. How can I show product codes on my sale invoice?

Go to: Configuration > System Configuration > Invoice tab
Enable check box ‘Print Product Code‘. Save

Q. I carried out physical audit and now I can't seem to save my sale invoice. What happened?

This can happen if you have implemented Physical audit on the date you are trying to save a sale invoice.
The system does not allow any transaction on the date physical audit is implemented

Q. I want to delete one of the invoices created during the last three days.

Go to: Shop Activities> Sales and Return
Click Search Invoice button
Give date range during which the invoice was created.
Press Search button.
Double click the invoice. It will open on the main Sales and Return Screen, Click Delete button.

Q. For a particular product, there is stock in the system but when I try to sell it the S/R screen shows negative inventory.

This can happen because of a mismatch in D-26 and D 07. Go to: Shop Activities>Shop Re-Index

Q. How to detach a particular sales person (on the sales and return screen) from a specific user group?

Go to: Configuration> Shop Definition>Employee Tab
Select the employee
Uncheck Set as Sales Person
From the Attach User drop down, don’t select any group.

Q. How can I see stock quantity of my products on the sales and return screen?

On the sales and screen, press F-4
A help window will popup showing stock quantity.

Q. I want to select multiple salespersons for a single sale invoice.

Go to: Configuration > System Configuration > Sale Tab
Enable the check box “Item wise sales person
Update and restart S/R screen
You will see an additional column called “SP Code
Click in SP Code to select sales persons for each item.

Q. How can I view the profit margin against a single sale invoice?

Go to: Reports>C-Sales Reports>C-11 Shop Sale Report
Give Date Range during which that invoice was created.
Select the relevant line item
in ‘View Option‘, select ‘Summary Report‘ and Generate report
See the ‘Gross Margins‘ against the desired invoice Number.

Q. When I load products on sales screen, error pops up: index was out of range.

Go to sale & Return screen

Press F1

On the pop up screen, click delete template button

(button with the cross sign)

Q. I want to attach one salesperson ‘with a shop so that whenever the sales and return screen is opened the selected sales person’s name appears on the screen.

You can do this by attaching a particular salesperson with the shop:

Go to

Shop Definition>Employees tab

Click ‘cancel button’ to select the employee’s name

From the ‘Attach User’ drop down, select ‘Shop User’ and update

Q. How can I make sure that my credit customers can purchase on credit from all my shops?

Go to:

Configuration > System Configuration > Sale tab

Enable check box “Allow credit sale on all shops” and Update

Q. I want to give the right to update date to my sales shop.

Go to:

Security> Group Rights>

From user groups drop down select Sales shop

From Categories select Shop Activities

Expand Shop Activities

Expand Sales and Return

Enable the check box “Allow Date Change.”

Q. I am not getting information from the sales invoices about how much cash a customer paid and what was the balance returned to him. The invoices only show total amount of the items sold.

You can restrict the system not to save an invoice until the information about cash in entered:

Go to

Security > Group Rights

Select relevant user group and select Shop Activities in ‘Form Categories’

Expand Shop Activities and select Sale/Return

Disable check box ‘Allow Sales without Cash Entry’ and SAVE

Q. The system is showing wrong retail price on Sales and Return screen.

This issue can sometimes occur when you load products on the sales and return screen through F6 at a specific POS.

This is what you can do:

Click F6 on the Sales and Return screen

on the pop up screen, delete (click the button with a cross) default Grid Template.

Restart Candela

Q. I have entered all my sales in an excel file. How can I upload this fine in Candela on the sales and return screen?

Convert the Excel file in CSV file

Go to Sales and Return

Click Load Sales button

Upload the file

(to enable the Loader button the sales and return screen go to: Configuration>Shop Defintion

Enable the checkbox ‘Show loaders’)

Q. Sometimes I want to sell products before they are entered in the system's stock. But when I do so I get the message "Required Qty will be -ve." How can I disable this message?

Go to Configuration > System Configuration > Sale tab

Disable “Show Negative Inventory message” check box and Update.

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