How to Use Customer-Based Pricing Feature in Candela


Our last blog reviewed how flexible pricing can be used in Candela to suit your business requirements. This post will round out the topic of pricing by focusing on Customer based prices and how they can be used in Candela.


What is Customer Based Pricing?

Customer Based Pricing is a method of pricing where you segment your customers according to various types, and develop a pricing strategy that reflects the value of product or service from customer’s perspective.

 For example, you may group your customers into Retail, Whole Sale, Employees, Reference, etc., customers. You can also further categorize each group into different types and assign different prices to each type.  

Developing a consumer- driven pricing strategy in Candela is easy, and we can break down the entire process into a few steps explained below:


Define Customer Group Types


Start by segmenting your customers into various groups.

Go to Configuration>Misc>Customer Group Type

There are two group types hard coded in the system. You can define new group types according to your requirements, and save.

All Customer groups, both hard-coded and newly defined, will be listed in the grid:



Define Customer Types for Each Customer Group


The next step is to define various Customer Types and configure discounts for each type.

Go to Configuration>Misc>Customer Type

In the example given below, we have defined customer type ‘Top Management’ (for our customer group employees) 






Similarly, you can define customer types for each customer group:



Attach Customer Groups and Types to Customers


Once you have defined all customer groups and types, you can attach them to each customer on customer definition screen.

Go to Shop Activities>Customer Definition

Define customer and attach Customer Group and Customer Type to the customer:



Create Customer Type Based Product Prices


After attaching customer types to various customers, you can now configure different product prices for each customer type. When you select the customer type and change product price, the price of the selected products will change only for the selected customer type, meaning when this customer type is selected on the sales and return screen, they will be charged the price configured for such customers.

Go to Configuration>Misc>Customer Type Based Product Price


Changing price of one product for a particular customer type


Select customer type from the Customer Type list

Click Generate button (the grid will become active)


customer type based product price screen in candela







Now enter price in the Product Price Entry field

Enter product code in the product code field or select product by clicking product help button

The product will load in grid with new price

Click Save 

changing product price of a single product


Changing price of products under a particular Line Item for a customer type


Select customer type from the Customer Type list

Click Generate button (the grid will become active)

Click Select Products button, a new screen will open up

Select the line item

Click Execute button

All products defined under the selected line item will load in the grid

Enter new price against each product

 Or from Action drop down menu, select action, enter value in the Value field and  click Generate Price


product based prices for customer types in Candela


ustomer based prices grid in Candela

Configure Candela for Applying Customer Based Prices on Sales Screen


After configuring customer based prices, you will configure Candela for applying such prices to the selected customer types.

Go to: Configuration>System Configuration>Product/STR

From Price Methodology drop down menu select ‘Customer Based’


configuring price methodology in Candela


When customer type based product prices are configured, the system will automatically apply such prices to the customer with whom the selected types are attached:



sale screen with customer based prices in candela



Blocking  Product Discount for Customer Based Prices


If you have configured discounts for certain products and customer based prices for such products also exist, you can disable product discount on such products.

Go to: Configuration>System Configuration>Sale tab

Mark the checkbox ‘Block Product Discount under Customer Type Based Prices,’ and update.



With the customer based pricing feature in Candela you can not only attach various discounts to your different customer types but can also configure different product prices for each customer type.

What pricing strategy you use? Have you used customer-based prices? You can share your views and experiences in the comments section.

You can watch video tutorials on customer based prices here and here.


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