ISO Policies of LumenSoft

Quality and Security Policies of LumenSoft


Quality Policy of LumenSoft

 Documents No: LS – POL – 002

Version 3.0

LumenSoft Shall:

1- Provide the highest level of software service to its customers both in Pakistan and abroad by endeavoring to fully meet all customer requirements, and ensuring their full satisfaction with our products and after sale support.

2- Strive to be the leader in the point of sale software market and related software products and services while ensuring that all applicable statutory and regulatory requirements are fully understood and consistently met.

3- Address all risks and opportunities in processes and performance to ensure that requirements of all interested parties are clearly understood and consistently met.

4- Ensure continual improvement of all processes while maintaining focus on enhanced customer satisfaction.

5- Ensure continuous growth of employees by providing regular skill development opportunities and sustaining a positive work environment to faster productivity and innovation.


Information Security Policy of LumenSoft

Document No: LS – POL – 004

Version No: 3.0

1- All access to and use of LumenSoft’s confidential information is for authorized purposes

2- All employees using LumenSoft’s confidential information in any form are responsible for protecting it from unauthorized access and use.

3- All employees are responsible for protecting their passwords and other credentials against unauthorized access.

4- All access to and use of systems/devices having LumenSoft’s confidential information is strictly prohibited for official purposes.

5- Persons having access to LumenSoft’s confidential information are trained to ensure security of such information.

6- All servers storing LumenSoft’s confidential information are protected against any breach of Information Security.

7- Softwares and antivirus are kept updated on all computers and devices at LumenSoft.

8- All digital and physical records containing LumenSoft’s confidential information or customer data are properly disposed of so that information cannot be retrieved.

9- All third parties interacting with LumenSoft’s confidential information are responsible for not sharing information at any forum without prior permission. NDA with third parties must make this requirement mandatory.

10- All information security assets (tangible/intangible) are located in a physically and logically secure environment.

11- Business continuity plans are established, maintained, and tested periodically and updated as needed.

12- All information security incidents are reported and analyzed.

13- Human resources are provided with conducive & secure working environment.

14- All remote access sessions by any employee or contractor/third party are monitored to ensure information security of LumenSoft.


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