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Managing Packs and Units in Pharmacy

Apr 24, 2017 | Ask Our Techie | 0 comments

Dear Techie,

First, I want you to know Candela has made my pharmacy business hassle free. I appreciate all the good work you constantly put in to make Candela the software for Retail.

As you know, in pharmacy business we sell in pack and, sometimes, also in units. Is there a way that can help me keep track of stock and sales in both packs and units? For example, if I have 20 packs of tablets in my stock, I also want to know about the number of tablets. Can you help me?

Please also guide me about how to manage generic names of medicines in Candela.

From A Retailer who-is-Super-Satisfied-with Candela.


managing packs and units in CandelaDear Retailer Who-is-Super-Satisfied-with Candela

Of course, we can help you. That’s what we are here for. You can easily check your inventory and sales in both units and packs.

To be able to do so you have to make one important configuration. Go to: Configuration>System Configuration>General tab. Check the box “Show Pack Quantity’

Update. Log off and log in again.

Now to see inventory in Packs, go to: Reports>D-Stock Reports>D-07 Shop Inventory Report

Select the line item and Generate Report.  The Quantity column of the report will show Pack quantity.

To see inventory in units, check D-26 report.

Select the line item and Generate Report. The quantity column will show inventory in Units.

To see sales in packs, check reports: C-30 and C-11 the Net Sales Quantity column in C-30 and Quantity column in C-11 will show sales in pack.

To see sales in units, you can check all Sales reports other than C-11 and C-30

The answer to your question regarding management of Generic names is here

Stay Happy.

Yours in Retail,

Candela Techie

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