New Features in Candela (Release 12029)


NEW Physical Audit Report

It is advisable to do stock take at regular intervals to keep a tab on your inventory. Stock- take helps you reconcile physical stock in store to inventory reports in the system, and identifies discrepancies (when your physical and system records don’t match).

In Candela retail solution, you have facility to enter comments against each stock mismatch on the physical audit screen.

Now a new report B-06 gives complete details of each stock audit along with the comments thus providing you with precise knowledge about your stock movement. You use this report to make informed decisions about your inventory movement.

Enhanced Customer Order Functionality

To be able to book advance customer orders is an important feature in Candela. Now when a customer’s order is ready you can check the radio button ‘Complete’ and  the customer will get SMS about the order status. You can check details of all orders and their statuses in C-43 A


customer order in Candela

Note: To learn how to use the sms feature, check this document.


Modify Assembly Products During Sale

Now a new button ‘Modify Assembly’ on sales and return screen helps you modify assembly products during sale. If your customer so requires, you can add or delete products from a product combo.

To configure your system for this feature, go to: System Configuration>Sale tab and mark the checkbox ‘Allow Assembly Modification at Runtime.’


Now inventory management for multiple stores is further streamlined in Candela professional and enterprise versions 

During stock transfers from warehouse to shops or from one shop to another, there are chances that a dispatch shop may transfer stock even if the system shows negative quantity for that particular dispatch shop.  This can happen if the stock is there but not yet entered in the system.

You can configure your system to block transfer of negative inventory or give a warning message if a particular shop tries to dispatch negative stock.

On Shop Definition, select the Shop; click Misc tab, and from Negative Inventory STR drop down, choose the configuration you want for the selected shop.


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