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Our Team- The People Behind LumenSoft Technologies | LumenSoft
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More lumens mean brighter light

LumenSoft is a team of qualified professionals. Professionalism, dedication, integrity and a strong work ethic are the core values of LumenSoft’s philosophy and our team members work hard to live by these ideals.

The Leadership



He is the moving force behind all things LumenSoft. His vision and leadership keeps the company at par with the constantly changing trends in the business world. With a strong background in electronic engineering, business administration and computers studies, and hands on experience of software development and administration, he has the rare ability to make smart business decisions and foster a creative environment in the company.

When he is not busy in exploring new frontiers for LumenSoft, he can be found in a tennis court perfecting his every move, approaching the sport with the same dedication and quest for perfection which he uses for his business strategies.


Co- Founder and Director

He has a background in architecture and software development and more than 15 years of experience in business development and project management. He leverages his vast experience in the diverse fields to address the design and development needs of the company.  He works closely with the CEO and marketing department to develop backend architecture and effective business processes.

Jawad Nawaz is passionate about exploring new technologies to keep LumenSoft ahead of the curve.

Coding Gurus


Mohammad Khalid, Development Head LumenSoft Technologies

Khalid Mansoor

Senior Manager Development

Rizwan Asif, Project Manager LumenSoft Technologies

Rizwan Asif

Project Manager

Abdul Jabbar, Project Manager LumenSoft Technologies

Abdul Jabbar

Project Manager

Fatima Jabbar

Team Lead

Mehr un Nisa

Software Engineer

Muhammad Shoaib

Senior Software Engineer

Rana Sarmad

Software Engineer

Muhammad Haroon

Software Developer

Afiffah Ghazanfer

Software Developer


Maha Tariq

Software Developer

Faisal Mumtaz

Software Developer


They are the movers and shakers of the company. By the sheer strength of their codes, they keep LumenSoft in perpetual flux. They are the master architects and builders who design and build the secret alleys and ways of Candela, Nimbus and Lightwave. The head guru is Mohammad Khalid. With more than a decade of experience in walking the intricate walkways of the development world, he can make a code stand on its head and dance to his favorite tune. By general consensus he is the most easy-going manager ever.


Bug Catchers


Nadim Majeed, QA Manager LumenSoft Technologies

Nadim Majeed

Manager Quality Assurance

Maria Anees

Senior Software Quality

Assurance Engineer

Farman Ullah Khan

Quality Assurance Engineer

Abid Ali

Quality Assurance Engineer



The quartet is the official critic of the coding gurus. Yes, the quality assurance people. They are easy going people and try to keep the bug finding mission from getting too prickly. The team is headed by Nadim Majeed who has eight years of bug finding experience. According to the other members in the team, he is an exact manager. If you find him working late in to the night or refusing all invitations to party time, there are only two reasons: a new release is taking longer than it should; there is a bug that he can’t seem to catch.


The Mermaid

Naureen AmjadThe communications department is wo-manned by a lone female. This is the department where the brand conversations happen, and the secret codes are deciphered and translated into a language that ordinary mortals can read/understand. The director communications, Naureen Amjad, has a background in Literature and Gender& Development studies. She wonders what twist of fate has thrown her into the uncharted waters- where people don’t talk, they code; where stories don’t mean fiction but refer to such strange sounding words as test scenarios, schema design, functionality…ad infinitum. But having once taken the plunge, she is looking forward to winning a medley. She survives on caffeine aftershocks.


Web Wrangler


Faisal Nadeem, Graphic Designer LumenSoft Technologies Faisal Nadeem, an important cog in the communications department, is the official web wrangler.He keeps LumenSoft afloat in the World Wide Web and also keeps the social media buzzing with his cool graphics.





The Bean Counters


Mushtaq Anwar, Accounts Manager LumenSoft Technologies

Mushtaq Anwar

Senior Accounts Executives

Mubashar Hanif

Accounts Executives


It is the department that’s off limits for the rest of the team. Here numbers are churned, figured are handled, banks are reconciled, ledgers are maintained, and customers’ outstanding dues are wrestled with. Mushtaq  heads the department and the joint consensus of all Lumens is:  they have to jump through hoops to get Mustaq to hand out money for office purchases. He demands duly filled in request forms, signed by the department heads. And if he in his financial wisdom deems something too expensive, he will withhold payment in company’s interest. LumenSoft couldn’t have asked for a better accounts manager.

The Centurion


Usman Khalid, HR Manager LumenSoft Technologies The battle ground of Human Resource is headed by Usman Khalid. With nine years of experience in placating employees of various hues and temperaments, he has learned to zoom in on what ails an employee. He is also the in-house photographer, and keeps the team members happy by the click of his shutter. Thanks to the Centurion, every Lumen can boast of a flattering portrait.


Lords of Nuts and Bolts


Abdul Rehman, Support Manager LumenSoft Technologies

Abdul Rehman

Senior Manager Customer Support

Nawaz Khan

Deputy Manager Customer Support

Irfan Sultani

Asst Manager Customer Support

Rizwan Sajjad

Asistant Manager Customer Support

Junaid Iqbal

Senior Customer Support Engineer

Nadeem Naeem

Senior Customer Support Engineer

Haroon ur Rasheed

Senior Customer Support Engineer

Fahad Ayub

Customer Support Officer

Gohar Ali

Customer Support Officer

Ihsan Rauf

Customer Support Officer


The Lords are the customers’ best friends: the team that takes care of customers’ major and minor problems. They stay up late; they work on off-days; they don’t let the fitful routine dampen their enthusiasm for customer satisfaction. You will often find them wearing headphones. Their headphones make them immune to the normal hubbub of office. They live in a world of their own and can get away with ignoring what the rest of the team is saying in their presence. Only the customers-in-need-of-help can hold their attention and get to hear their voice. The lord- in-chief of this team is Abdul Rehman. With a background in Computer engineering and eight year of experience in calming the overwrought nerves of the customers, he is a wizard of sorts. Many people have a strong suspicion that instead of red blood cells Candela codes circulate in his system.

Sultans of Sales


Fahim Sultan, GM Marketing LumenSoft Technologies

Fahim Yousuf

General Manager Business Development

Usman Ali

Regional Sales Manager

Shoaib Ali

Business Development Officer

Abdul Haseeb

Business Development Officer

Sohaib Siddique – Sialkot

Officer Business Development

Awais Ur Rehman (Gujranwala)

Officer Business Development

Muhammad Amir – Faisalabad

Officer Business Development

Ali Raza

Officer Business Development


They are the go-getters; the few normal humans who are not found constantly gawking at the computer screens. They represent the advanced evolution of human locomotion: ability to walk on their legs. The rest of the Lumens just sit and use their well-developed arms to whack the computer keys. The team is led by General Manager marketing , Fahim Yousuf. He is a disciplinarian and keeps the team moving in the right direction


Directors of First Impressions


Muhammad Ashraf .

Liaison Officer

M. Shahbaz Shafi

Front End Officer


They are the primary faces of LumenSoft. Without them the visitors will be not feel good because no one will be there to greet them with a smile or offer them famous Lumensoft tea.

The Backend crew


Muhammad Munir     


Muhammad Akram     


Nisar Ahmad

Senior Office Assistant

Khurram Shahzad

Office Assistant


They are the ones who make the world of LumenSoft go round. Without them theLumens will walk around with groggy eyes because there will be no one to make endless cups of coffee, tea and kaewa; and the LumenSoft vehicles will feel neglected because no one will drive them.

Candela customers
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