10 Most Common Security Attacks That Will Kill Your WordPress Site

Sarah Smith, Sarah Smith is our guest blogger, she finds immense satisfaction in helping newbie bloggers create the the best blog they can. She helps out at howtostartablogonline.net and lives her happy ever after with her cat.

Starting a website using WordPress is easy. There are steps that you can easily follow to get started. The best part is you can customize the site and make it your own.

To do so, you have to download plugins and themes. These added features will make the site look better. The themes may reflect the exact mood that you want the readers to feel. Plugins, on the other hand, will make their experience in using the website better and more comfortable.

The only problem with these added features is that they may also be vulnerable to security attacks. The moment your WordPress site is attacked, everything else is at risk. The content you have posted could be easily deleted or stolen.

Someone could also hack into your account and destroy the site. Take note that some wordpress sites are also money-making machines. This is why they are too vulnerable to attacks. A lot of people would love to make money off of blogs and websites. It is an easy way for them to steal what other people have worked hard for.

This only means you need to protect your site. Don’t install plugins and themes that you are uncertain of. Some of them may be from random sites that you have never used before. Others may contain viruses that are really harmful. Be careful in choosing which themes to use and plugins to install to prevent this problem.

The infographic below shows other ways in which your blog may be vulnerable to security attacks. Follow this advice to prevent further problems.


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