Techie explains about retail and wholesale

Techie Explains How to Manage both Retail and Wholesale in Candela

Nov 9, 2016 | Ask Our Techie | 0 comments

Dear Techie

I am using Candela and I deal in both wholesale and retail. The price I charge to my wholesale customers is less than what I charge to end customers; is there a way to manage two different prices for same products? How can I manage two types of customers and two types of prices in Candela?

Retailer- who- is- also- a wholesaler


Dear Retailer-who-is-Also-a wholesaler

No worries. Candela is suited for both retail and wholesale operations, and you can also manage both side by side. This is how:

On the Customer Type screen, define one customer type as ‘Wholesale Customer’

Now on the Customer Definition screen, enter names of your wholesale customers and from Customer Type drop down menu, select ‘Wholesaler’ for all wholesale customers.

Once you have defined customer types, the next step is to define price for the particular customer type.

For this, first go to System Configuration>Product/STR tab and from ‘Price Methodology’ drop down select ‘Customer Based’

Go to: Configuration>Misc>Customer Type Based Product Prices

Select Wholesale Customer from Customer Types grid.

Click Generate button, Load Product for which you want to define whole sale prices, enter price and click Generate Price button.

Now on the sales and return screen, when you select wholesale customers the system will automatically charge the price defined for them.

If you have any problem, you can always contact our support department for help. Stay Happy.

Yours in Retail,

Candela Techie

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